Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lisa's Political Rants!

I have a new blog - I know, I know, - I don't even keep up with this one but here you go anyway. Check it out. Comment, tell me what you think.

4th of July!

This summer has been hectic! I sure miss those few days of preschool with only Ady around. It helps me to have time to do errands or housework without much interuption. In only a little more than a month Caleb starts 2nd grade, Loryn starts kindergarten, and Elijah will start his last year of preschool. Time sure flys, but I am looking forward to less kids at home all the time and at the same time I am going to miss them.

We had a fun forth of July weekend! Thursday we went to Collegedale Park and listen to the orchestra and watched fire works. We went with our neighbors and ended up see our good friends the Archibald's there as well. We all had a blast, and the kids loved the fireworks. I just kept exaggerating my excitement so Adyson would know it was "fun" to see fireworks. Saturday we had a little get together with some friends and family. We ate hot dogs and lots of other food and when it got dark enough as Ben likes to say "we goin' to light up the sky!!" (a little inside joke regarding some local rednecks a few years back). We had a blast. I was too busy to take pictures but my dad did so when he sends them to me I will post them. So Happy late 4th!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Yep ... I did it again.. all time record - 4 months! Sorry here are some pics...

(pic 1 - Caleb with his buds, pic 2 - Loryn and Eli at Loryn's graduation, pic 3 - Adyson playing dress up, pic 4 - Eli, Caleb, Ady, and Dad probably watching wipe out together)

Loryn graduated preschool, Elijah turned 4 (mario cart party - races around the yard - so fun!), mom sick 3 times with strep (yuk!), summer break (mom going crazy)!
Adyson walks, and runs loves playing with other kids, says yes, out (for outside), used to try saying caleb, elijah, and loryn. She signs please when she wants something, shakes her head yes and no. Understands pretty much everything we say. Loves to be outside and thinks she is already 3 and can do everything the big kids do. She is sleeping through the night most nights. Sleeping for 12 hours straight. Some nights she wakes up like last night, but that was becasue she had a big molar coming in, Tylanol did the trick and there was peace the rest of the night. She never lets me sit at the computer for more than a minute before crawling around me under me all over the wires and even if I sit her in my lap she squirms to get down. (Hence the 4 month break in writing on this blog) This doesn't including the constant interuptions from the other 3 about one thing or another. I am lucky to get bills done and maybe have some seconds of "build up the sanity meter for mom" time. (As I type this the boys a screaming at each other, Ady is at my feet screaming and crying, I have already stopped 5 times to deal with the kids, and am now frustrated to no end)