Thursday, September 20, 2007

Water Water Water

If only we did have a lot of water via rain this summer my grass would not have practically died nor my other plants struggle to survive. With the cooling temperature we have finally been able to get out and get wet.

Car Wash - the kids helped Ben with washing his car the other day. They had a lot of fun. Of course Ben would get frustrated because they liked to keep washing the side that was already done or kept dumping out the water bucket with soap in it. Caleb pored almost the whole bottle of soap in and pretty much washed the driveway. But they all had fun!

Sunday the kids had fun playing in the pool. It was perfect weather!

Elijah's face is all healed up. He has a little scar on his cheek that I hope will eventually fade away.


Things have been a little crazy around here. In the last 3 weeks I have started my new Bradley classes, seem to have every kid in the neighborhood over, of which I am either actually officially watching or just over to play. Last week I babysat a little 18 month old and kept extra kids. Some of those days I had more than 7 kids I was watching. One of those days I had to keep the house clean for my Bradley class that was starting that night. You ever try to keep a house clean when 7 kids are running around? Close to impossible! I am also Caleb's homeroom mom, so I have already had to do some work for that. So I have been busy and when something has to go, unfortunately it is things like my blog or laundry, which is piled to the garage roof right now.

Caleb still loves school and so does Loryn. She asks me everyday if she has school today. I think she wishes she could everyday. According to Caleb's teacher is doing great, is always helping others and is one of the most well behaved in the class.

Caleb read his first book by himself!!! Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss is Caleb's first real read. The other day he sat out back on our porch and just started reading it. He only needed help with a few words but mostly got it by himself. His teacher was so proud of him too that she let him sit in her rocking chair and read to the whole class. He was so excited and now he just loves to read. Ben and I had tears in our eyes when we listened to him, we are so proud of him!

Caleb started playing soccer. So far he has won 2 games and he is making lots of goals. He is definitely more confident than last year. Elijah wishes he could play. He goes with Ben to the practices (Ben is assistant coach), and dribbles the ball back and forth between the nets. We have had comments such as "can he teach the other kids to do that", and "he is going to be really good when he starts playing". That's our little athlete. We will probably let him play next year.

Well, that was an attempt to catch up. We are all doing well and starting to enjoy the cooler weather. I have never looked forward to fall and winter so much in my life! This summer was for the records, no rain and extreme temperatures - yuk!