Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fun day with Marci

This morning I re-cleaned the kitchen, picked up and vacuumed downstairs, put laundry away, vacuumed the upstairs-again (Elijah decided to dump his dry raisin bran cereal all over my bedroom floor and hallway.) I also got the kids rooms cleaned. I was able to complete all of this before my friend Marci arrived.

Here is a picture of Elijah playing on the computer on Disneychannel.com, taken the other day. He had a good time and picked up on things quickly.

Marci and her little girl, Leah, came over bringing lunch (sushi!), it was sooo yummy, thanks Marci. I gave Marci an early thank you gift for helping out with the delivery of the baby with a box of Sees candy. She wanted to open it right away and so we had a good time trying out the chocoloates. I sure wish there was a Sees candy store around here. They were to die for.
Then we got to work. Marci helped me put the crib together and we rearranged the boys room. Caleb has been sleeping on the floor lately because he has had a hard time getting out of bed to go to the bathroom. We decided to switch the bunk bed into a single bed and have two single beds. Marci helped me rearrange it and bring down the box spring from the attic. Thanks Marci, your the best. So far everything is clean in the house. Although as I am typing this I here the kids and am afraid to see what has been destroyed. The job never ends.

I continue to have contractions although most are not too strong. My back has been killing me all night and today, makes it hard to walk around. I don't know if the baby has moved into a different position putting pressure on my back or if it is just my back in general hurting from cleaning a lot. Probably a little of both. I am feeling restless about it but I know I could still have awhile, I just want the anticipation to be over with.

Monday, April 28, 2008

House Blessing Day

I took Caleb to the Chiropractor this morning to get his leg looked at. I had to bring Emma, Loryn, Elijah as well. I wanted to go early enough to bring the girls to preschool right after the appointment. Caleb's leg is all aligned correctly. He is actually starting to walk straighter on it now and is starting to run on it. Nothing stops these kids.

Elijah and I went home after dropping the girls off and Caleb off at school. I felt so tired that we just hung out in the morning then took naps. Both of us didn't want to get up to go get Loryn later on, but we dragged ourselves out of bed and picked her up. Mommy felt like an ice cream so we went to Sonic and got each of us one. The kids really loved that!

I spent the rest of the afternoon on a major house cleaning spree. I don't know if I am nesting or what but I felt the need to have the house spotless. I cleaned the bathrooms down to using the toothbrush and all, swept and mopped all floors, cleaned kitchen, vaccumed etc. Tomorrow I plan on finishing some laundry and putting the crib together as well as cleaning the kids rooms. I keep getting the house to the point where I say, "ok, now I can go into labor, the house is clean, we have food, and I am not tired". But she isn't ready. Not yet. I continue having contractions here and there, and the last two nights have had them every ten minutes or so but they have not been very strong. They stop during the night, and a new day begins with no baby. I really still have awhile just under 2 weeks but here's to hoping. Sunday I had a lot of hot flashes and felt a little nausea. It is all part of the hormones at work. I can say I have had a glimpse of what menopause will be like. We will just say I am not looking forward to it. Well I need to get to bed. Tired after all that cleaning.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Well, last Thursday I saw Debi, my midwife and she checked me again. With my other kids I never had them check. How many cm dilated you are doesn't tell you when you will go into labor. The one thing it can tell you is how fast labor may go once you do go into labor. And having a home birth it is to Debi's advantage to have an idea so she knows how quickly she needs to get to me.

Thursday I was dilated to a 2, 80% effaced, and VERY soft. 10 days before I was firm and only a 1, so there is some work going on. Yesterday I lost my mucous plug and today I am feeling a little icky and keep having horrible hot flashes. Who knows when labor will eventually start. My body is definitely getting ready but it could still be awhile.

Saturday we had a neighborhood garage sell. I made a whopping $22! I am not sure it was worth it but at least I tried to make some money off our junk before giving it all away. I am sick of stuff. You have to take care of it and I could use a lot of minimizing in my life at the moment.

This week will start the first week I stop watching my neighbors little girl Emma. She is the 4 year old. I may still be watching the other neighbor but her mom is on call so I know she will be here quick to take Emily and has lots of family as well that can come get her quickly. I couldn't guarantee that Emma could do the same. I will still take her to school as long as I am taking Loryn.

Garage sell is over, baby stuff is ready, office stuff cleaned up, laundry caught up. I am officially ready. I just have to keep the house picked up and stay rested. I am actually looking forward to this week now.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

No baby yet - update

Lukily there was nothing to the contractions last week. Well, I shouldn't say nothing but not enough to have a baby. I knew the contractions were not real labor but it was a concern that it may be starting too soon being at 36 weeks. It was a precaution to take it easy and try and stop the contractions. Monday, 14th, I saw my midwife and she checked me. I was dilated to 1 cm and 80 % effaced, but the baby was still high up and my cervix was still back. Debi, my midwife, said everything looks great and she is not worried, I can return to normal activity, just don't take any Pitocin. Thank goodness! I was relieved that one, there was nothing to worry about and two, that I could get busy and get things in order. I still had a lot to do.

I spent the rest of the week getting baby clothes washed, and the bassinet put together and going to the store to get all the other baby needs. I continue to have contractions, although most of them are back to normal braxton hicks, just a tightening feeling. I have some afternoons where they get real crampy again and stop me in my tracks but nothing that continues and nothing that gets worse, just lots of pre labor stuff getting ready for the big day.

Sunday, I was 37 weeks and I feel pretty good. Monday, I started to have more crampy contractions but nothing consistent. This is my last week of watching other kids per Ben and I's agreement. Ben has grounded me from watching extra kids. He thinks I am doing too much and am making myself exhausted for no reason. I can handle all the kids, but I do get exhausted and the problem with feeling like that now is that I could go into labor at any time and I really need to be rested to be able to handle it. Plus, my house gets destroyed and I have a hard enough time keeping it clean as it is. And since we are having a home birth I would really like the house to be clean when I go into labor.

Today, Wednesday, I drop the girls off at preschool, and head home with Elijah with what I hope will be a productive morning of picking up the house and cleaning. I also hope to get to organizing things for the garage sale that is happening this Saturday. I am purging, and hope to get rid of most things. I can't even walk in our garage right now. But I can say that my laundry is caught up, a once in a life time achievement. Now I just have to keep it up!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Contractions! Not yet!

We had a little scare yesterday. Well it really started Friday night, but continued all day yesterday. I started having a lot of cramping with my contractions, more of the labor type. I wasn't concerned until they seemed to be continuing to happen and wouldn't stop. I have been sick lately and continue to get worse. I am getting no sleep at night and haven't had time for naps either. I don't know if I am just wearing myself out or what it is. This morning I woke up to find I have pink eye. Maybe my immune system is down, whatever it is it sucks and is a little stressing to think of the baby coming too soon. Not only do I not have things ready, we could be looking at a hospital birth instead, as well as concern for the baby's lungs being fully developed and ready to come out.

I called my midwife and she said we need to get them to stop. She said to take a warm bath and get myself to relax. She said, without being able to look at me, it sounded like irritable uterus. She also suggested if the bath didn't work to drink 1/2 of a wine cooler. That was funny! You know being Mormon and all it wasn't really an option.

I get in the bath to relax and a few minutes after Elijah wakes up (he fell asleep in our bed because he refused to take a nap, and he needed one), starts crying and screaming and would not stop. So could I relax? What do you think? Not really. Plus Ben was trying to get ready to go to his boss' surprise birthday party. We ended up all going, even though I probably should have stayed home. I didn't want to be left alone... just in case.

The party was fine, the contractions continued every 20-30 minutes, but started to have more that were less painful. We got home, I took another bath, this time could relax, and then settled in bed. My contractions lessened and by this morning they have mostly stopped and are definitely not as strong. Ben had forbidden me to do anything all day, although I can't help but feel like I need to clean and get things ready. He is finishing putting the dressers together for the boys and says he is going to help pick up the house today.

I have one more weak until it would be OK for the baby to arrive. I will be 37 weeks next Sunday and then I can relax about going into labor. I am going to try to take it a little more easy this week in hopes to not aggravate my uterus to have contractions. At least I will not have our neighbor kid Emma. Her mom is on spring break. Ben says I should not watch anymore kids or take on anything extra until the baby is born. For me that is just hard to do. I'll try. I did want to finish painting, plant some flowers, clean out the flower beds, clean out the garage, get all the laundry caught up, and lots more. I guess something needs to go, at least for a week, and then I get get active again.

The kids were cute this morning eating breakfast. They both HAD to share a chair.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

"I'm Peeing mommy!"

Is it a dream? Is this really starting to happen? Is my youngest really starting to voluntarily use the potty? I have been praying that Elijah would be potty trained before the baby is born and lately have started to give up on that dream... until this morning.

Elijah takes off his soaked night time diaper and I tell him to get a new one. He brings me his pull up which I say OK you can were that. We get it on him and 2 seconds later he is taking it off, says he need to pee pee. We say go ahead go pee in the potty. Ben went and helped him and actually showed him. He didn't pee. We put his pull up back on and again in 2 seconds was taking it off again saying he needs to pee. So we say go ahead, go pee. Then an amazing thing happens, I hear him peeing and run in the bathroom to see him standing up like a big boy and actually peeing in the potty, as he yells "I'm peeing mommy, pee, peeee!" We all start clapping and screaming what a big boy he is and I go and get him real underwear, Thomas, and he is just so excited. I am so proud of him and now have some hope that he may just be potty trained by the time the baby arrives. Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

Caleb's 1st Grade Openhouse

Thursday night Caleb had his open house for next year 1st graders. It was not much of anything but he was excited to see the 1st grade classroom. We had a quick PTA meeting, then was given a handout and a teacher went over what to expect for next year. It was good to know it and it will help me to know what things I can have Caleb work on this summer. Gotta keep his brain sharp. Although he does his daily "brain exercises" using that Brain Age game on his Nintendo DS. Ben and I like to do it too. He does a good job and is learning a lot. It has a lot of memory things, reading, math, etc, for all those who are unfamiliar. You can test your Brain's age as well. Ben and I compete with who has the youngest brain all the time.

Elijah thought he would run laps as we were trying to listen to the teacher. And then when we went to check out the classroom, I turned my back for a minute and he was gone. I couldn't see him in the classroom, so headed out quickly down the halls to look for him. I was on the verge of panic when I found him running back toward me coming from another wing of the school. That little bugger is fast and he sure did scare me! Too many news stories and movies put awful thoughts in your head when it comes to things like that.

Sure enough we headed home right after that. We were through with handling Elijah. I think Caleb was a little disappointed by not being aloud to see more first grade classrooms, as they only had one opened to look at, but overall I think he enjoyed seeing some of his friends.

I attempted to fold and put away the mountain of laundry that was on the couch. I did end up getting that done and lay down for about 10 minutes. I pushed the time for when we had to leave to pick up Caleb and regretted it the moment I got in the car and remembered that I was on empty. I had to rush to the gas station first, because I was afraid of running out of gas while I waited for Caleb, then rush back to get in line in time to pick him up. I made it just in time and everything worked out.

Date Night
Our friends Marci and Derek, invited us to go out to celebrate my birthday, and of course we were not going to pass on fun like that. It was rushed getting ready but left in time to meet at their house where the babysitter was waiting and ready for us to run away on a adult night out. Marci and Derek have 3 kids of their own, two of which are the same age as Caleb and Loryn. We had a great time. We went to Ichiban's for sushi, then went to see a movie. It was a nice break and we had a great time which we always do when we go out with Marci and Derek. They are one of our best friends here. Marci has been invited to help us out with our birth. I look forward to her being there with us during that special time.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


It was a long day! I haven't been getting much sleep lately because I have been a little sick. I think it might just be allergies but it feels a little like a cold; I am losing my voice, sore throat and stuffy nose. Wednesdays are usually hard because I have to take the girls to preschool, clean house, and make sure my Bradley classes are prepared, as well as look halfway decent.

The morning was actually not that bad, I went to the store, and got a few things cleaned up and ready in the house, and Elijah was not too crazy. It was after I picked up the girls that it got to be exhausting and frustrating.

I thought I would be smart and bring my laptop with me so right after I pick up the girls we would just go and wait for Caleb a little early at his school and I could try and finish getting my presentation ready for my class. Well, things never turn out how you think they will. The kids acted like they had eaten a bowl of sugar and were not listening and just horsing around in the car, and to top it off I had to go pee about 5 minutes after we got in line at the school. I still had 35 minutes to wait! You might think that wouldn't be a problem but I was trapped with cars behind me and side of me and couldn't get out to go home real quick. I didn't want to go inside the school because I was wearing Ben's old pajama pants that I cut off into shorts and a t-shirt that was stained, embarrassing to say the least. (Not much is fitting me these days and Ben is getting irritated that he comes home and I cam wearing his t-shirts) So I had to hold it, work on my laptop that does not fit on my lap very well these days and try not to pee my pants when I yelled at the kids.

After Caleb and Emily were picked up, although frustrated, we survived and I stayed dry, which was a feat in itself. Seems like the baby thinks when mommy has to pee it is a great time to kick her bladder.

We get home unload the monkeys and I attempt to finish getting ready for my class, and finish cleaning. This night my class was starting early because we were going to combine 2 classes and it was the last one. I had a lot to still do. It would have been fine if I did not have one child or another every 2 minutes (literally, not kidding or exaggerating), coming in and either telling on someone, had hurt themselves, they were thirsty, hungry, wanted a Popsicles, had to pee, wanted to come inside etc. etc. I could have pulled my hair out.

I was flustered by the time I could finish what I needed, take a shower, have dinner ready, and be ready for my class. I was grateful that Ben got home early and was able to help me out a little.
My class went great, I included a guest speaker toward the end of class and apple pie for dessert and we finished off all happy and excited that our babies will be here soon. I think and hope that all my couples got out of the class what they expected if not more and that it helps them have the type of birth that they want. For now, I am done worrying about classes and Wednesday cleaning. One more thing to look forward to; 7 more weeks and schools are out I should only have my own kids to worry about. Normally it would be fine, but I am really just getting too tired to deal with many more kids, and usually it is not my kids that cause the most trouble (at least not usually).

Of course right as that is all done, I will have a new little one. A few weeks ago, Ben and I were discussing how Loryn and Elijah would both be in preschool and how nice that will be for me two have 2 days to myself. Ben starts going on about how I will be able to go to the gym and do this and that. I had to remind him that I would have the baby at home. He says "oh yea, I forgot". Easy for him to forget he doesn't have a 20 # melon in his abdomen taking up every bit of breathing room and organ room. Thought it was funny though.

What are you talking about 30, I am turning 29... again!

I have decided that I am ready to stop aging. I feel like my 20's flew by and the whole time I was pregnant. I sometimes get caught up in envying my friends who are childless and hearing about all their adventures they describe to me of going here or there. I never even had a honey moon. Maybe someday I will have my day to travel and experience more to life than laundry and diapers.

So 30 it is. What does that mean anymore? I've heard it it the new 20. Maybe if I was rich, had a trainer, and could go and do whatever I wanted. To most people 30 is entering the phase of kids, ones in school, working hard to get by, trying to save money, and pray that every once in a while at least you can afford to go out to dinner with just the two of you or with some friends. Don't get me wrong, I love my life, and would never trade it for the world. My children are my treasures, and after all this contemplating and thinking, I wonder who do I really want to celebrate my birthday with; one thing came to mind. I want to be with my family, kids included. So that is just what we did. We went to P.F. Changs, one of my favorites, including Caleb's favorite place and had a really great time. The kids were great, other than a few bathroom breaks and bumped heads when a certain 2 year old tried to escape the booth.

So I am trying to accept the big 30 as the beginning to a wonderful new adventure full of promise, love, happiness, and excitement. I was definitely spoiled by all of you. Thank you for the gifts. I almost feel too old to be getting gifts. The roses are from my mom and her husband, Thanks Mom and Bob! I always love getting flowers and they are sooo pretty.

The seasons of our life...

And so the count down has started; all my projects need to be completed as well as the baby crib put together, boys dressers put together, baby clothes washed, etc., etc. It seems like forever till she comes and then it seems like I am running out of time. I just hope I am not overdue as long as Kelsi was, my poor sister in law. The longest I have been overdue is 4 days. Although I am sure at some point I may forget the pain of being pregnant and long for another, only with temporary insanity, I am currently looking forward to this being my last pregnancy. Here is to the next 10 years of getting my body back in shape and feeling good about it.

It is odd to think about how having this last baby is the threshold to the beginning of a new phase in our lives. As Adyson grows our baby phase will end with her. And as that is somewhat sad to me I look forward to a new season and different phase of our children's lives. I realize now how quickly it goes and try to remember that when I wish for this child or that to grow past that childish behavior that I need to enjoy it for this is such a short moment of life that they are little.

Like this morning when Elijah should have been napping I peaked in on him and found him diaper less and pee right by the door. It is somewhat a good sign because he is getting close to being serious about potty training on the other hand... does it need to be said? In addition to that, both Loryn and Elijah decided they would have a yogurt binge and snuck 3 gogurts each downstairs, I found out because Elijah had it all over himself. Loryn attempted to lie about it but mommies know best.

I get a call yesterday about the dressers delivery date. My mom bought the boys new dressers. See, I am spoiled, Thanks Mom! I tell them that I have to pick up my son from school and will be gone between 2:30 and 3:15pm, and that anytime before or after is fine. The guy on the phone says oh no probably it will be delivered way before that. 2:30 comes around no dresser. I had my neighbor pick up Caleb and was grateful because the truck came at 2:45pm, the exact window that they were supposed to avoid. The driver said he was given no such instructions and apologized. No harm done. This weekend Ben and I will be assembling the dressers, the crib and organizing the rooms, what fun!

Operation OAMC Completed!

Sunday we finished up our weekend of cooking. I ended up not making some of the breakfast things because I was just too exhausted to finish them even with all of Ben's help. It was great having him help me, it sure saved me A LOT of time. Our final count was 59 meals. Here is a picture of a few of them. It is probably only a fourth of what I actually have.

I am hoping that will last past the babies birth. I have forgotten how much I really like having my meals. It has been a while since I actually did one as big as this one. Well, lets see I am how pregnant, that will tell me around the last time I did it. It is exhausting when your healthy and not pregnant. Anyway, it is done and I will not have to do another one until I am no longer pregnant. Yeah! only around 1 month to go. If she was healthy I would take her now, although I still don't have everything ready and in place yet. Lots more work to be done. It just never ends, does it.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Yesterday we started our OAMC weekend session. For all those who don't know what that is, OAMC is short for Once A Month Cooking. When I do a big session it is usually I cook for a few days and have a few months of meals. I usually do it by myself but since I have been pregnant, I have not had the energy and stamina to complete a big session. I really wanted to have meals through the birth of the baby so Ben signed on to help.

My session actually started last weekend with planning recipe's and grocery list and budgeting. Thursday I went to the stores, yes with an s. I went to a meat wholesaler first to get all my meat, 20# of chicken and beef. This is my new find, saving around 30 cents per pound compared with Sams Club. Then I went to Aldi's and got as much of the items I needed that they had. Their cans are only 40 cents each and sour cream 1 dollar, cream cheese cheapest, and bread for 1 dollar as well. I can usually save close to 50% compared to what I would have spent at Walmart. I had to go home first to unload because of the meat. I had it on ice but 1 1/2 hours is gettting a bit long to keep meat out of the fridge. After that, went right back to the same area but to Sams club to get other items such as cheeses, milk, eggs, snacks, etc. And by then it was 2:30pm and I was late picking up the kids from Marci's house. I still had to go home first to unload. Walmart would have to wait till Friday.

Friday and Walmart- Well normally going to the grocery store with Loryn and Elijah, although not as easy, is still not usually that bad. Not today, and of course on a day that I cannot just decide to leave and come back later. I had to get the rest of my OAMC food so I could get started today. I also had to get back for my midwife, Debbie Church who was meeting me at my house, and my friend Eileen Volyes who was coming by to pick up the kids to watch them for the afternoon.

The TANTRUM - the grocery trip started out fine, Elijah getting excited at being able to use the 2 child grocery cart. I think he likes it because he can get out easily and cause mom more hassle. Well thats what he did but kept trying to get things off the shelves and crying and whining at Loryn for every little thing, he just wouldn't stop. I gave him several warnings that I would get the other cart if he continued and after a time out which started the constant crying we got the other cart. Of course it didn't stop there. He continued to cry the WHOLE TIME, and most of it was not just a little whimpering but screaming and yelling crying. I had people coming over trying to help and an employee asking if he was sick or hurt. I know everyone wished I would just go home. But I couldn't. SO you can guess it took me twice as long if not longer to get my stuff, I was late getting back to Debbi and of course was exhausted and frustrated. If only we were aloud to beat our kids, J/K.

Debi's appointment - Went great, babies sounds great, blood sugar great, all great, meet in 2 weeks.

Eileen comes to get the kids right after Elijah fell asleep, still got him out of bed to hand him over. No way I was missing this opportunity. He was fine and both were excited to go play at Melissa's house.

Down to business - finally could get to cleaning my kitchen. Every time before I do a session I clear the counters, and scrub them and disinfect them. I like to know I have a clean work space. I decided to start with cooking all the meats. Had to organize the recipe's to see what need browned beef, cooked chicken etc. Boiled all the meat that called for it, trimmed and prepped the raw meat, separated for each recipe ready for tomorrow. Finished the chicken and had kitchen re-cleaned and disinfected (doubly after chicken mess, I hate raw chicken! especially 20# of it) just in time for Ben to come home with the kids and pizza.

After dinner was over and kids were situated with a movie, Ben cried over helping me with chopping the onions (literally - those dang onions - glad I didn't have to cut them, saved me a few tears and red eyes). Remember it is not just one onion, we started with 6. He cut the other veggies and helped with anything else I asked of him. He really cut my time at least in half, I might just get used to this. Thanks babe, you were a great help!

Once all that was prepped and labeled and put back in the fridge I completed the day with starting my shredded beef taco meal in the Crockpot and with organizing the rest of the weekend. It was probably 9:30 before I got to bed and I was tired. Thank goodness I had help I would have still been working.

Today we start our next day of cooking with Ben's help; I am optimistic that we will get a lot done. Plus it has been fun to have him with me. I still very much enjoy his company, he continues to be my best friend. I should go, already starting the day late. Knew if I didn't post it would turn into a month before it got done. Happy Cooking!