Thursday, April 10, 2008

Operation OAMC Completed!

Sunday we finished up our weekend of cooking. I ended up not making some of the breakfast things because I was just too exhausted to finish them even with all of Ben's help. It was great having him help me, it sure saved me A LOT of time. Our final count was 59 meals. Here is a picture of a few of them. It is probably only a fourth of what I actually have.

I am hoping that will last past the babies birth. I have forgotten how much I really like having my meals. It has been a while since I actually did one as big as this one. Well, lets see I am how pregnant, that will tell me around the last time I did it. It is exhausting when your healthy and not pregnant. Anyway, it is done and I will not have to do another one until I am no longer pregnant. Yeah! only around 1 month to go. If she was healthy I would take her now, although I still don't have everything ready and in place yet. Lots more work to be done. It just never ends, does it.

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