Saturday, April 5, 2008


Yesterday we started our OAMC weekend session. For all those who don't know what that is, OAMC is short for Once A Month Cooking. When I do a big session it is usually I cook for a few days and have a few months of meals. I usually do it by myself but since I have been pregnant, I have not had the energy and stamina to complete a big session. I really wanted to have meals through the birth of the baby so Ben signed on to help.

My session actually started last weekend with planning recipe's and grocery list and budgeting. Thursday I went to the stores, yes with an s. I went to a meat wholesaler first to get all my meat, 20# of chicken and beef. This is my new find, saving around 30 cents per pound compared with Sams Club. Then I went to Aldi's and got as much of the items I needed that they had. Their cans are only 40 cents each and sour cream 1 dollar, cream cheese cheapest, and bread for 1 dollar as well. I can usually save close to 50% compared to what I would have spent at Walmart. I had to go home first to unload because of the meat. I had it on ice but 1 1/2 hours is gettting a bit long to keep meat out of the fridge. After that, went right back to the same area but to Sams club to get other items such as cheeses, milk, eggs, snacks, etc. And by then it was 2:30pm and I was late picking up the kids from Marci's house. I still had to go home first to unload. Walmart would have to wait till Friday.

Friday and Walmart- Well normally going to the grocery store with Loryn and Elijah, although not as easy, is still not usually that bad. Not today, and of course on a day that I cannot just decide to leave and come back later. I had to get the rest of my OAMC food so I could get started today. I also had to get back for my midwife, Debbie Church who was meeting me at my house, and my friend Eileen Volyes who was coming by to pick up the kids to watch them for the afternoon.

The TANTRUM - the grocery trip started out fine, Elijah getting excited at being able to use the 2 child grocery cart. I think he likes it because he can get out easily and cause mom more hassle. Well thats what he did but kept trying to get things off the shelves and crying and whining at Loryn for every little thing, he just wouldn't stop. I gave him several warnings that I would get the other cart if he continued and after a time out which started the constant crying we got the other cart. Of course it didn't stop there. He continued to cry the WHOLE TIME, and most of it was not just a little whimpering but screaming and yelling crying. I had people coming over trying to help and an employee asking if he was sick or hurt. I know everyone wished I would just go home. But I couldn't. SO you can guess it took me twice as long if not longer to get my stuff, I was late getting back to Debbi and of course was exhausted and frustrated. If only we were aloud to beat our kids, J/K.

Debi's appointment - Went great, babies sounds great, blood sugar great, all great, meet in 2 weeks.

Eileen comes to get the kids right after Elijah fell asleep, still got him out of bed to hand him over. No way I was missing this opportunity. He was fine and both were excited to go play at Melissa's house.

Down to business - finally could get to cleaning my kitchen. Every time before I do a session I clear the counters, and scrub them and disinfect them. I like to know I have a clean work space. I decided to start with cooking all the meats. Had to organize the recipe's to see what need browned beef, cooked chicken etc. Boiled all the meat that called for it, trimmed and prepped the raw meat, separated for each recipe ready for tomorrow. Finished the chicken and had kitchen re-cleaned and disinfected (doubly after chicken mess, I hate raw chicken! especially 20# of it) just in time for Ben to come home with the kids and pizza.

After dinner was over and kids were situated with a movie, Ben cried over helping me with chopping the onions (literally - those dang onions - glad I didn't have to cut them, saved me a few tears and red eyes). Remember it is not just one onion, we started with 6. He cut the other veggies and helped with anything else I asked of him. He really cut my time at least in half, I might just get used to this. Thanks babe, you were a great help!

Once all that was prepped and labeled and put back in the fridge I completed the day with starting my shredded beef taco meal in the Crockpot and with organizing the rest of the weekend. It was probably 9:30 before I got to bed and I was tired. Thank goodness I had help I would have still been working.

Today we start our next day of cooking with Ben's help; I am optimistic that we will get a lot done. Plus it has been fun to have him with me. I still very much enjoy his company, he continues to be my best friend. I should go, already starting the day late. Knew if I didn't post it would turn into a month before it got done. Happy Cooking!

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