Sunday, April 13, 2008

Contractions! Not yet!

We had a little scare yesterday. Well it really started Friday night, but continued all day yesterday. I started having a lot of cramping with my contractions, more of the labor type. I wasn't concerned until they seemed to be continuing to happen and wouldn't stop. I have been sick lately and continue to get worse. I am getting no sleep at night and haven't had time for naps either. I don't know if I am just wearing myself out or what it is. This morning I woke up to find I have pink eye. Maybe my immune system is down, whatever it is it sucks and is a little stressing to think of the baby coming too soon. Not only do I not have things ready, we could be looking at a hospital birth instead, as well as concern for the baby's lungs being fully developed and ready to come out.

I called my midwife and she said we need to get them to stop. She said to take a warm bath and get myself to relax. She said, without being able to look at me, it sounded like irritable uterus. She also suggested if the bath didn't work to drink 1/2 of a wine cooler. That was funny! You know being Mormon and all it wasn't really an option.

I get in the bath to relax and a few minutes after Elijah wakes up (he fell asleep in our bed because he refused to take a nap, and he needed one), starts crying and screaming and would not stop. So could I relax? What do you think? Not really. Plus Ben was trying to get ready to go to his boss' surprise birthday party. We ended up all going, even though I probably should have stayed home. I didn't want to be left alone... just in case.

The party was fine, the contractions continued every 20-30 minutes, but started to have more that were less painful. We got home, I took another bath, this time could relax, and then settled in bed. My contractions lessened and by this morning they have mostly stopped and are definitely not as strong. Ben had forbidden me to do anything all day, although I can't help but feel like I need to clean and get things ready. He is finishing putting the dressers together for the boys and says he is going to help pick up the house today.

I have one more weak until it would be OK for the baby to arrive. I will be 37 weeks next Sunday and then I can relax about going into labor. I am going to try to take it a little more easy this week in hopes to not aggravate my uterus to have contractions. At least I will not have our neighbor kid Emma. Her mom is on spring break. Ben says I should not watch anymore kids or take on anything extra until the baby is born. For me that is just hard to do. I'll try. I did want to finish painting, plant some flowers, clean out the flower beds, clean out the garage, get all the laundry caught up, and lots more. I guess something needs to go, at least for a week, and then I get get active again.

The kids were cute this morning eating breakfast. They both HAD to share a chair.

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