Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fun day with Marci

This morning I re-cleaned the kitchen, picked up and vacuumed downstairs, put laundry away, vacuumed the upstairs-again (Elijah decided to dump his dry raisin bran cereal all over my bedroom floor and hallway.) I also got the kids rooms cleaned. I was able to complete all of this before my friend Marci arrived.

Here is a picture of Elijah playing on the computer on Disneychannel.com, taken the other day. He had a good time and picked up on things quickly.

Marci and her little girl, Leah, came over bringing lunch (sushi!), it was sooo yummy, thanks Marci. I gave Marci an early thank you gift for helping out with the delivery of the baby with a box of Sees candy. She wanted to open it right away and so we had a good time trying out the chocoloates. I sure wish there was a Sees candy store around here. They were to die for.
Then we got to work. Marci helped me put the crib together and we rearranged the boys room. Caleb has been sleeping on the floor lately because he has had a hard time getting out of bed to go to the bathroom. We decided to switch the bunk bed into a single bed and have two single beds. Marci helped me rearrange it and bring down the box spring from the attic. Thanks Marci, your the best. So far everything is clean in the house. Although as I am typing this I here the kids and am afraid to see what has been destroyed. The job never ends.

I continue to have contractions although most are not too strong. My back has been killing me all night and today, makes it hard to walk around. I don't know if the baby has moved into a different position putting pressure on my back or if it is just my back in general hurting from cleaning a lot. Probably a little of both. I am feeling restless about it but I know I could still have awhile, I just want the anticipation to be over with.

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Kelsi, John, Jake, & Georgia said...

What a good friend! Thanks for helping Marci! It's so hard being far away... I'd help too, if I could.