Friday, September 4, 2009

Growing up ~ ELIJAH ~

Elijah has continued to be Caleb's little shadow. He loves playing with any of the kids in the neighborhood and actually gets upset when he can't go with Caleb to Caleb's friends houses. He is playing the Wii almost as good as Caleb now and enjoys pretend play with Loryn as well. Lately he has like to play with trains and the electic car tracks.


Summer started with a bang for Elijah. The end of June he turned 4 years old and got to have his big birthday party. It was a Mario Cart birthday. We had so much fun racing 4 wheelers around the house, pinatas, cupcakes, and water balloons! Elijah also got to go to the Discovery Musuem, played in the water, visited Grandma's house, hiking, and played with his siblings and friends. I do feel sorry for Elijah because he is the only one without a kid his age in the neighborhood. Sometimes he gets left out. Poor little guy. He loves the outdoors and enjoyed our hikes we did. I don't know what it is about boys and peeing outside. They just have it too easy!

Elijah started his last year at preschool. He was upset at first because he really wanted to go to Caleb and Loryn's school, but he settled for one last year at CLP. I was a little worried that he would have problems going because he has been giving us trouble at church going to primary but he went in just fine and seems to love it. I think he really likes his teacher - makes such a difference at that age. His favorite thing is the playground. It is about the only thing that I can get out of him. "What did you do today?" "Payed on payground." The next time he goes - "Hey buddy did you have a fun day?" - "Yeah ... we payed on payground!! " Loryn's almost the same way. "Loryn what did you learn today?" - "I don't know - but we played on the playground..." One more year and I will have all three in school - doesn't seem possible!

We didn't start Elijah in sports this season because last year he would hardly get on the field and play. He would throw a fit and cry and sit on the side lines and refuse to get up. He is still doing a lot of that whining and fit throwing (which we are working on), so we decided to give him one more year. We are going to put him in t-ball in the spring. He loves baseball and can't wait to play. He already does a great job throwing and hitting the ball. I think he will be good ball player.

Growing up ~ LORYN ~

Loryn is growing into a beautiful, smart, and kind little girl. She continues to show kindness to her friends and siblings. She has lost a few teeth, and can now officially say "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth". Every time she would fight it saying she didn't want to lose it, but was glad when it came out. The most recent one dangled for few days before I finally gently held her down and pulled it (it was barely holding on).

Loryn didn't know the differences between summer and school because she had not yet experienced full time school. All she knew was that Caleb was home everyday and that she wasn't going to preschool anymore. She had a good time playing with the boys. She likes playing mario cart with them, and they all love building tents. She also got to go swimming at her friend Leah's house, Discovery museum, and visits to grandma's house.

Loryn played with her friend Emma a lot. They would take turn going to each others houses and playing outside. It was all about dressing up, barbie dolls, and pretending house. Sometimes Elijah got suckered into the pretend play and also Ady, but they seemed to have fun with it. We did find a new love for Loryn. She loves to hike. We went hiking 4 miles and she just loved it, and actually didn't fall asleep until 1am that night.

"I get to go to school every day!?!"
Loryn started kindergarten this year. She was sooo excited! She did great on her first days, and hasn't looked back. She loves her teacher, Mrs. Parnell, and meeting all her new friends. She especially loves riding the bus home and walking from the bus stop to our house like the big kids!

I already see an improvement in her. She is writing her name and learning new letters. I think school becomes her and she is thriving.

Plie ... tap tap tap...

Ballet and tap were loryn's choice in sport this season and she absolutely loves it! She has had two classes so far and is having lots of fun with it. This last class Ady even learned something and started dancing. She goes on Monday nights and will be going once a week all year until her recital.

Growing up ~ CALEB ~

Caleb is growing up fast! They all are. It amazes me that not only do I have four children but that one of them is seven! Where does the time go? With each child those baby years go by faster and faster. They are in school in a blink of an eye!

What has Caleb been up to? How has he been? I will attempt to catch you up on Caleb's summer and the beggining of school until now.

Summer Vacation:
Caleb was extrememly excited to be off for summer break. He couldn't wait to have time off of school and be lazy and do nothing. I really thought that this summer we would keep busy and do a lot of things to keep the kids busy. Nothing happens as planned... at least not in my house.

Caleb and Elijah teamed up together and played the Star Wars Wii game and beat the whole game! At first I was not excited about them playing the Wii so much but then I realized that there were a few good things with them playing. First Caleb had to read a lot to know what to do with the game, they both learned teamwork because they could not beat the game without working together, and they learned hand and eye cordination. Am I justifying my lack of my prental involvment to shut of the game and encourage chaos to resume. I just didn't have it in me when the house would get so quite and I could get things done. ...Sigh

It was hot, muggy, and according to Caleb nothing to do outside. I still kicked them out quite a bit, made sure they ran around a lot and got some excersise.

Caleb got to go sking with Uncle Chris, we went to the Discovery Museum, swam at his friend Cole's house, had a sleep over, went hiking, read a little, played with his friend Chandler up the street, visits to grandma's house and play dates. I think he had a good time but was looking forward to school starting. I don't think he realized how bored he could get at home (and mom never realized how much quieter it is when he is not at home :)).

2nd grade - watch out!
Caleb started second grade this year. His teacher is Mrs. Carpenter, and she seems like she is going to be a great teacher for Caleb. Already, his homework has increased from what he did last year. I also see an improvement in his writing (neatwise), and his storytelling. At open house his teacher explained that Caleb was very intriguing in his writing. She said most kids can write the basics, (i.e. I went outside to play with my friends), where Caleb expands and gives lots of expression in his writing (i.e. I zoomed out the door...). She says his writing shows great potential as an author. His grammar may not be perfect but his imagination and play with stories is wonderful! He continues to read well, and still has no trouble with math. I think he is really enjoying school this year.

Hey Batter Batter...

Caleb started palying baseball this year. He had a choice of soccer or baseball and he wanted to try baseball. I am glad he did. It has been fun going to his games and watching him get better, and have fun. The other kids also enjoy his games. They don't sit and watch him but they love playing with the other kid hanging around and have a good time running aruond and playing. It will be a little hectic. He has games Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and practices on Saturdays. Loryn has ballet and tap on Monday's and I am teaching a class right now Monday and Friday nights and will be starting a Tuesday night class next week and possible another private session on Wednesday night. I am still not quite sure how we will swing it but it is a blessing to be getting students.

One of his teammates is in his class, Jimmy,and a few other of his school mates are on other teams. Also his good friend Blake from church is on his team as well so that is making it a lot of fun. Ben stuggles with coaching Caleb, as usual Caleb is stubborn and thinks he knows better than dad. But I think he will come around. Elijah is enjoying practicing at home with dad and is gearing up for his chance at playing tee ball in the spring.

Overall Caleb continues to amaze me with the wonderful person he is becoming. I am hoping to learn ways to focus his stubbornness in the right areas and to help him learn to be more open minded and to have a learning attitude. Any suggestions all you moms with experience? I can always use pointers. In February Caleb will be getting baptized, something I am looking forward to!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lisa's Political Rants!

I have a new blog - I know, I know, - I don't even keep up with this one but here you go anyway. Check it out. Comment, tell me what you think.

4th of July!

This summer has been hectic! I sure miss those few days of preschool with only Ady around. It helps me to have time to do errands or housework without much interuption. In only a little more than a month Caleb starts 2nd grade, Loryn starts kindergarten, and Elijah will start his last year of preschool. Time sure flys, but I am looking forward to less kids at home all the time and at the same time I am going to miss them.

We had a fun forth of July weekend! Thursday we went to Collegedale Park and listen to the orchestra and watched fire works. We went with our neighbors and ended up see our good friends the Archibald's there as well. We all had a blast, and the kids loved the fireworks. I just kept exaggerating my excitement so Adyson would know it was "fun" to see fireworks. Saturday we had a little get together with some friends and family. We ate hot dogs and lots of other food and when it got dark enough as Ben likes to say "we goin' to light up the sky!!" (a little inside joke regarding some local rednecks a few years back). We had a blast. I was too busy to take pictures but my dad did so when he sends them to me I will post them. So Happy late 4th!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Yep ... I did it again.. all time record - 4 months! Sorry here are some pics...

(pic 1 - Caleb with his buds, pic 2 - Loryn and Eli at Loryn's graduation, pic 3 - Adyson playing dress up, pic 4 - Eli, Caleb, Ady, and Dad probably watching wipe out together)

Loryn graduated preschool, Elijah turned 4 (mario cart party - races around the yard - so fun!), mom sick 3 times with strep (yuk!), summer break (mom going crazy)!
Adyson walks, and runs loves playing with other kids, says yes, out (for outside), used to try saying caleb, elijah, and loryn. She signs please when she wants something, shakes her head yes and no. Understands pretty much everything we say. Loves to be outside and thinks she is already 3 and can do everything the big kids do. She is sleeping through the night most nights. Sleeping for 12 hours straight. Some nights she wakes up like last night, but that was becasue she had a big molar coming in, Tylanol did the trick and there was peace the rest of the night. She never lets me sit at the computer for more than a minute before crawling around me under me all over the wires and even if I sit her in my lap she squirms to get down. (Hence the 4 month break in writing on this blog) This doesn't including the constant interuptions from the other 3 about one thing or another. I am lucky to get bills done and maybe have some seconds of "build up the sanity meter for mom" time. (As I type this the boys a screaming at each other, Ady is at my feet screaming and crying, I have already stopped 5 times to deal with the kids, and am now frustrated to no end)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Playing with Adyson...

She was just fine not even a bump!

The silly things kids do...

Something I had to laugh at this week...

Elijah has been tucking in his stuffed animals in his drawers. I don't know if it is so that he does not see them at night so he doesn't get scared or if he just thought it was funny to put them there. Never the less every time I put his clothes away I am greeted by a stuffed toy. The joys...

I am impressed by how kids think things up. I feel guilty sometimes when I do not get to helping the kids right away. But then they do something like what Loryn did and I realize it is good for them to not always depend on me and be forced to use their minds to figure out a solution all their own. That is exactly what Lory did... Loryn needed to hang her picture up. I didn't get to it right away so she improvised... (what you are seeing is hair clip that holds the paper and that is also connected to a rubber band on the back) Well just say I was very impressed...

Adyson's first follow up Appointment from Surgery

Monday, Adyson had her first follow up appointment. It really didn't take very long. I knew not to expect very much since Dr. Sargent isn't much for conversation. He makes up for it by being one of the best surgeons!

I dressed Ady up so she could show how cute she is with her knew shape. Dr. Sargent came in with his resident, a nurse, and Terry, from craniofacial center. Dr. Sargent looked over her head, felt skull, looked at her stitches, and said she looks great - everything is perfect. He gave the approval for her to sleep in a bed and that was enough to make my day! We meet back in 6 months. Can't believe we are almost off the downward slope of this huge mountain! It really did go by very fast. And she looks and is doing amazing!

Mom's last days... Saturday

Last Saturday was beautiful! It was in the mid 70s and gorgeous! It was my mom's last day with us and we had a great time!

We kicked the kids out to play, we went for a walk, Ben went for a 20 mile bike ride. After our walk we got the chairs out and hung out in the garage and relaxed.
The kids played at Dylans (he's got a great playground), Emma came over and played, and Ben washed the cars, including getting the kids all wet. It ended up getting so hot that the kids changed into their swim suits! You wouldn't believe that now. It is in the 40's today, a week later.