Friday, September 4, 2009

Growing up ~ ELIJAH ~

Elijah has continued to be Caleb's little shadow. He loves playing with any of the kids in the neighborhood and actually gets upset when he can't go with Caleb to Caleb's friends houses. He is playing the Wii almost as good as Caleb now and enjoys pretend play with Loryn as well. Lately he has like to play with trains and the electic car tracks.


Summer started with a bang for Elijah. The end of June he turned 4 years old and got to have his big birthday party. It was a Mario Cart birthday. We had so much fun racing 4 wheelers around the house, pinatas, cupcakes, and water balloons! Elijah also got to go to the Discovery Musuem, played in the water, visited Grandma's house, hiking, and played with his siblings and friends. I do feel sorry for Elijah because he is the only one without a kid his age in the neighborhood. Sometimes he gets left out. Poor little guy. He loves the outdoors and enjoyed our hikes we did. I don't know what it is about boys and peeing outside. They just have it too easy!

Elijah started his last year at preschool. He was upset at first because he really wanted to go to Caleb and Loryn's school, but he settled for one last year at CLP. I was a little worried that he would have problems going because he has been giving us trouble at church going to primary but he went in just fine and seems to love it. I think he really likes his teacher - makes such a difference at that age. His favorite thing is the playground. It is about the only thing that I can get out of him. "What did you do today?" "Payed on payground." The next time he goes - "Hey buddy did you have a fun day?" - "Yeah ... we payed on payground!! " Loryn's almost the same way. "Loryn what did you learn today?" - "I don't know - but we played on the playground..." One more year and I will have all three in school - doesn't seem possible!

We didn't start Elijah in sports this season because last year he would hardly get on the field and play. He would throw a fit and cry and sit on the side lines and refuse to get up. He is still doing a lot of that whining and fit throwing (which we are working on), so we decided to give him one more year. We are going to put him in t-ball in the spring. He loves baseball and can't wait to play. He already does a great job throwing and hitting the ball. I think he will be good ball player.


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Hi Lisa!
I am glad to find your cute blog! What a sweet family you have!!

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I love your blog! Elijah is so cute and funny in these pics! He is very adventurous!