Friday, March 13, 2009

Playing with Adyson...

She was just fine not even a bump!

The silly things kids do...

Something I had to laugh at this week...

Elijah has been tucking in his stuffed animals in his drawers. I don't know if it is so that he does not see them at night so he doesn't get scared or if he just thought it was funny to put them there. Never the less every time I put his clothes away I am greeted by a stuffed toy. The joys...

I am impressed by how kids think things up. I feel guilty sometimes when I do not get to helping the kids right away. But then they do something like what Loryn did and I realize it is good for them to not always depend on me and be forced to use their minds to figure out a solution all their own. That is exactly what Lory did... Loryn needed to hang her picture up. I didn't get to it right away so she improvised... (what you are seeing is hair clip that holds the paper and that is also connected to a rubber band on the back) Well just say I was very impressed...

Adyson's first follow up Appointment from Surgery

Monday, Adyson had her first follow up appointment. It really didn't take very long. I knew not to expect very much since Dr. Sargent isn't much for conversation. He makes up for it by being one of the best surgeons!

I dressed Ady up so she could show how cute she is with her knew shape. Dr. Sargent came in with his resident, a nurse, and Terry, from craniofacial center. Dr. Sargent looked over her head, felt skull, looked at her stitches, and said she looks great - everything is perfect. He gave the approval for her to sleep in a bed and that was enough to make my day! We meet back in 6 months. Can't believe we are almost off the downward slope of this huge mountain! It really did go by very fast. And she looks and is doing amazing!

Mom's last days... Saturday

Last Saturday was beautiful! It was in the mid 70s and gorgeous! It was my mom's last day with us and we had a great time!

We kicked the kids out to play, we went for a walk, Ben went for a 20 mile bike ride. After our walk we got the chairs out and hung out in the garage and relaxed.
The kids played at Dylans (he's got a great playground), Emma came over and played, and Ben washed the cars, including getting the kids all wet. It ended up getting so hot that the kids changed into their swim suits! You wouldn't believe that now. It is in the 40's today, a week later.

Last Friday at Grandmas

Before my mom left we decided to go visit Grandma Mary and Chris and Aimee. We had a lot of fun. We visited with Grandma, see all the great stuff Aimee got from her baby shower they had for her at her work, and ate a yummy meal grandma made for us. Chris was getting ready to go on a bike ride with some friends so we only got to visit with him for a little bit, but it was nice. He is training for a race. Here are some pics of the visit...

AHA moment...

My Aha moment:
Thanks to all the help of our mothers, our house has been caught up on laundry, cleaning and organization. Thanks Kathi and Karen! Since my mom has left I had decided that I was not going to let things get out of control again and that I needed a system.

What it takes to keep my house clean on a daily basis:
  • start laundry first thing in the morning and do at least 2 loads a day -and put them away immediately
  • Do sweeps of the house to make sure things are picked up and cleaned - once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once before bed
  • constantly pick up anything and put away right then and there - no procrastinating.
  • make kids make their beds everyday
  • make my own bed everyday
  • clean up meals right after no matter what
  • wipe down bathrooms everyday
  • everyday have a specific additional cleaning project - for example - Tuesday's are my deep cleaning the bathrooms,
  • vacuum once a day - at the very least every other day
  • pick up baby toys when she takes a nap

In addition I have started to try to implement exercising everyday. Also have designated days for bills, blogging etc. My goal is to keep up the house, laundry, and exerciseing everyday for 20 days. Isn't that how long they say it takes to establish a habit?

My Progress:

I am on day 6 and have so far followed through with everything. I feel great! The house looks great! I feel like I have more time to play with the kids and I don't feel like I should be doing something else. It's amazing! It finally seems clear to me what I need to do everyday to keep things up. I don't know why it has taken me so long to come to this - oh well, better late than never.

Here is to me continuing to fulfill my goal of 20 days straight of keeping the house up and to continue with exercising and losing weight!

I hope I can do it...

Loryn's first missing tooth!

Loryn lost her first tooth! It has been loose for a little while, but finally came out on the 5th. I could hear the herd of elephants running up the stairs with Loryn in the lead with a scared but excited look on her face with her tooth in her hand, "mommy my tooth came out!". Caleb, Emily (our neighbor girl), and Elijah started to all tell me at once how it happenend. I guess she twisted it and it finally fell out. I had to reassure her that it was ok, she was a little worried. The tooth fairy came that night and she got a whole dollar. Our tooth fairy gives their first tooth a dollar. Spoiled little ones..

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Today we ventured out. I would not have guessed that only days after getting out of the hospital and a little over a weak after her surgery would we be taking her anywhere. We decided to drop by grandmas for a short visit and stop by 1 or 2 stores at the outlets on the way home. Our friend from church, Emily, was so wonderful as to offer to have the kids over for a few hours. We dropped them off on the way out and she took them home. She also left a meal for us! Thanks Emily! Emily and her family are new to our ward. It's so nice to have them, I'm excited to be able to get to know them. The kids said they had a blast!

The kids are doing well with Ady. They sometimes get a little crazy around her but overall they are careful. Elijah was acting strange, putting on his shirt backwards. He would not believe us that it should be the other way and refused to switch it. I think he has had the hardest time with this whole experience. He is the baby. He continues to be 3 and all that comes with it - troublesome threes. Sometimes... Wow... is all I can say. As they used to say with the diaper and potty training bit (you know - you never think they will be potty trained) - "they won't go to college wearing diapers", so I can be assured? He won't go to college crying whining, throwing tantrums, picky eater, and can't understand everything he says. Here's to hoping...

Caleb is continuing to do very well in school and is excelling in reading. He was last tested at a third grade level but I think can read even beyond that. Last night we put the boys to bed and 3 hours later at like 1030pm Caleb comes out with his book in his hand (Captain underpants 2) and says "finished". I was surprised, mainly because I didn't even know he was a wake! He had read almost all of it in 3 hours. A few weeks ago he finished Tom Sawyer and I believe now he is starting Journey to the Center of the Earth. It's nice to see he like to read. I hope he keeps it up.

Loryn is growing up fast. Physically I swear she has grown a few inches. She looks like a young girl, not a "little" girl, and definitely not toddler anymore. Where does the time go? She is doing better with learning her letters and numbers and continues to surprise me with her humor. She continues to be the sweetest person, so considerate and empathetic, and just a little mommy. She was disturbed the most with Ady in the hospital. She told me earlier today. She wants to be a mommy. Maybe I am not too bad of a job, or at least not scaring them about the role.

Adyson continues to wave at everyone, and I swear she is saying hi, just no perfectly. She doesn't have much patience but has more times than not that she is happy and playing nicely.

I just can't wait until she can sleep in her own bed again...


Last night was a little rough. Loryn's tummy hurt even before bed and she ended up waking up screaming and crying about it at night. Of course I had only had Ady down for a little bit and was extremely tired! I think she had gas pains. We tried to get her to go potty but it wasn't happening. Poor girl finally got her back to sleep and then Elijah wakes up barges in my room and says he's scared. You know who wakes up and added to the whole excitement of the night. I think they plan these things. They have meetings before bed and decide who is going to wake up this night and what there going to do.

Today I cleaned all morning, Kathi helped me keep the laundry up. She is laundry Queen - I don't know how she does it! My mom, grandma, brother, Chris, and his wife Aimee where coming over to drop my mom, Karen off. She is taking over this week to help out with Ady and the kids. Don't we have wonderful moms! Kathi is leaving today to go home. I am sure she is very excited to sleep in her own bed and not have screaming children running around. Her vacation can finally start! LOL To be serious - Kathi - Thanks! I don't know what we would have done without you and all your help. It is not easy jumping in and taking care of 3 children. She did a great job and was a welcomed support. How do I ever repay...