Sunday, June 24, 2007

Elijah birthday weekend! Friday

Friday we had a fun day. We had to do some errands - the chiropracter, target (to get birthday gifts for Elijah, and yes he was with us), Walmart, and blockbuster. Our friends Julia and Sean and her two girls Alice and Nichole were coming to visit, a little pit stop, in the middle of their 12 hour drive up north to visit family. We haven't seen them in awhile and were very excited to have them over. We BBQ and the kids played. When they showed up Elijah had been playing in the water next door, so he was all wet. They brough him a present which he loved, some balls, a cute t-shirt that says "I do all my own stunts", and a ball catch toy. Thanks Julia and Sean, you guys are the greatest! Julia has been my best friend since sophmore year of Highschool. She only recently moved to GA from CA and is only about 2 hours away. Even though she is so much closer, its still not close enough.

When Elijah was first opening his present he thought the tissue paper was it. He still thought is was cool with all the poka dots. We had to urge him to come back and really open his present. Then he realized he was given some balls, and that made his day! That boy is obsessed! Here is a video:

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Where do I start. It has been several days since I last posted so I need to do a little catching up. Sunday, Father's Day, we went to church. We had to leave a little early because the stake President called and asked to see us. We both thought, "Uh Oh!". Ben was called in and asked if he would except the calling of 1st councilor to the Elders Quorum.(I think I spelled and said it right) Ben is excited about the calling just a little overwhelmed. We have faith he was called for a reason and that if the Lord thinks he can handle all of what is going on in his life (new job, school, family, and church calling) than he can. We ended up having to leave early because Elijah decided he would give daddy a little gift and throw one of his top ten tantrums. I took him out in the hallway and he just let it go throwing his body around and screaming. Ben said he could hear him in the chapel. I couldn't settle him down so we had to leave. Then Ben and Caleb went and helped our good friends Sean and Kellie move into their new house. Caleb had fun because they had a pool and so the boys all went swimming. I stayed home with the youngest two.

Monday I had Emily and my 3. We ran a few errands and went to McKay books store, a used book store in town. I always turn old books in and get credit. So I went to look for a book for me and the kids got to pick out few. They had fun. Loryn picked out a few Dora books, Caleb picked a few Thomas train books (of course!), Elijah didn't care but we got him a book with a little piano on it. Also found some classics, had to get Dr. Dolittle, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables (my favorite movie!), and some others.

Monday night we went to Marci and Derek's house for a little BBQ and swimming. Charlie and Adrienne went to and all the kids including us had a great time. Elijah went swimming with Ben and in no time wanted to copy the oldest and jump off the diving board. He kept throwing his arm floaties off and kicking them away just to show us how much he liked them. We ended up leaving late and I let Elijah stay up till we left which was past ten, with regret. An hour and a half after we got home and he was asleep he woke up and was up for hours. Laid back down for a few hours then was up again. Miserable! He does that every time I don't put him to bed close to his bedtime which is normally around 7pm. And of course what day is this. Monday! The night before my Bradley Class. I'm telling you it happens every time.

Tuesday wasn't too bad except for being tired. I finished preparing for my Bradley class. Thanks to all of you who prayed for rain for us. We finally received some rain! Yeahh! Hopefully we will get some more soon. Classes went well. I taught about 1st stage labor, how body works, and labor rehearsal. Caleb stayed at Emily's house to help Ben out with the kids because they all had to stay inside with the rain. He also had an extra little girl Marni who is very cute but not used to playing with other kids. I think he was ready for class to be over.

Wednesday we went to Marci's just me and the kids. She was sick and needed to go to the Doctors so I went over and watched the kids while she went to the doctors. She has three little ones 7, 5, and 3. We all played in the pool from 10:30 until 3:30. Elijah took a 3 hour nap and the kids had a blast. By the time we left, it was getting late so we picked up some food on the way home. Ben had enough time to eat, change, and head to his first meeting in his new calling. The kids played outside and a few of the moms were out so we all chatted while the kids played until 8:15. Got the kids to bed and relaxed for a bit. Earlier in the day Loryn tried to brush her hair using my brush on her own. Here are the results. Poor girl, took me a little bit to get the tangles and the brush out.

Today, (were finally here) was nothing exciting (not that the rest of the week was but...) we ran a few errands, to the Car Tag place, bank, $ tree, Walmart (I feel like I live there!), and blockbuster (you know you go there too much when all the employees know you by name). Headed home, Elijah nap, I cleaned, and here we are. We are expecting Julia and Sean and her 2 girls this afternoon. They're driving somewhere and are stopping through. We haven't seen them in awhile so are looking forward to their visit. Here is what happened to my living room in the few moments I turned my back. This is a normal sight. Oh yes and this morning started off the day with egg carpet a la mode. Elijah decided to take the eggs out of the fridge and crack them open on my carpet! I was livid!( I bought a fridge lock at Walmart today.) Well I need to go do some laundry and re pick up the house. It never ends!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Crazy Week!

Well I am already starting to not write as much. It has been a crazy week. All I can say is kids, children, little people, kids, little people, and oh yes dogs, cats, and 4 wheelers. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I watched Tasia who is 6, my 3 (Wed we added Emily), as well as other neighborhood wanna be Doolittle children Emma and our new neighbor Dylan, oh yes and Rachel another little girl was here as well at one time and also two other boys. So there were times when I thought I had died and gone to ..... oh heaven, of course. No actually it wasn't too bad and the kids had fun. I just spent the whole day running after everybody cleaning up and making sure noone got lost or hurt. Wed we had some stray dogs scare the kids up on top of the playground. Today, we noticed signes that they were missing. I called and the lady called back to say she had found them. But then only about 30 min after that did I see the same dogs again. So I called back and she had to leave work to come get them. They were nice so it was ok, atleast for us... but not for Raza (our black cat). Raza thought she could take them all on. I tried to get her in the house but she decided to attack them, she ended up getting cornered by all three and barely escaped first under the car and then ran out back and up a huge tree. She was waaayyy up there. And there she sat for more than 3 hours, I think. Poor girl. She is still a little frazled... don't touch her!

Tuesday night I had my Bradley class and that went well. We learned about drugs and myths and coaching. Watched a great video on good coach/bad coach and I didn't go over too much. The kids were outside with Ben the whole time. Then all played with some neighbors, mainly our new neighbor Dylan (he is Caleb's age). Dylan and Caleb like to wrestle on the trampoline. Well, I was told that at one time Dylan hit Caleb in the head. Don't worry... caleb had back up. Elijah came running at Dylan and punched him hard in the stomach (doubled Dylan over). Ben said you could here it... poor Dylan - I guess he learned not to mess with the Doolittle children - they stick up for one another. Dylan is a nice kid and gets along very well with all the kids. Today we let Caleb stay and play with Dylan while we ran an errand and I was told by Dylan's mom Beth that they had a great time playing monster truck rally ramming each other with there two electric four wheeler and truck, she says as the you could hear giggles echoing around the whole neighborhood. They have fun together.

I have recently come in contact with some old High School buddies. It's been fun to see what they have been up to all these years. Kind of weird how all our lives have taken such different turns.

Well, the weekend is on us, our grass is continuing to die and most of my annuals are dead. I usaully pride myself on our front yard and how pretty I can make the beds but now just feel hopeless about it. I am about to start doing the rain dance, anything to make it rain. I think God is making fun at us because we are continually getting rain clouds over us and it just passes right by. A little south of us gets a down pour but not us. And we need it badly! So everyone pray for rain!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Saturday and the Braves Game

Ben and I had a great time Friday night on our date night. We went out to Big River Grill and then for some ice cream. We felt like such losers because we didn't know what we should do after that and ended up making it an early night. Kids were still awake when we got home which was still close to eleven except for Elijah. But it was nice to get out on our own.

Saturday I spent the whole day making cookies. We have a new neighbor that moved in across the street and I thought I would bring them some yummies to welcome them to the neighborhood and introduce myself. I ended up making a double batch and spent hours cooking them. Had so many cookies all my other neighbors ended up having some cookies as well.

Ben and Caleb were the lucky ones as they got to go to a Brave's game. Ben said Caleb had a great time. He had two sodas two ice creams star burst and other treats. So you can imagine how still he sat during the game. I believe Ben had to take him out in the third inning because he kept bouncing back and forth in front of a lady next to them. The guys Ben went with were silly with Caleb which I believe Caleb got a kick out of. Overall they all had a great time.

Today was church day. Didn't do much till this afternoon went outside to water the flowers. Gave the hose to Elijah to help me water and he ended up having too much fun watering the kids and himself instead. He has figure out how to stick his finger in the water to make it squirt further out. Well I need to round up the kids and get them to bed.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Yesterday tried to exchange my dead flowers but I guess I have to actually bring in all the dead flowers to get reimbursed. I have about 70 something little ones. I had asked originally when I bought them if I had to do that and the lady had said no so it was irritating that I packed up all the kids and wasted 3 dollars in gas with no result. I'll have to try again tomorrow.

Tonight is date night! YEAAAAHHHHHH! Oh - did I say that with too much enthusiasm. I pick up the babysitter around 5 ish. She seems to be a good one. She even cleans up after them and last time even dusted the piano. Wow! It might just be Ben and I tonight or we might go out with our friends Derek and Marci. There one of our best friends we have in town and always have such a good time together. They have three kids as well all around the same age and their all friends too. We usually do so much together that I think our kids think we are related. Its cute and we love there kids as well.

Here is a funny picture we got emailed to us from a friend. Thought all you LDS (mormons) would get a kick out of it. Ben and I thought it was funny because our perspective is - well yeah you pray and get an answer - so is this church saying you shouldn't pray? I don't quite get their perspective, maybe someone can clue me in. Anyway thought it was funny. Well I better get to cleaning up the house. It is mouse heaven right now (lots of cracker crumbs and goodies all over the floor and couches) As they get older the messes get bigger. Comes with the territory.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Just another day

Today is just another day like all the others. I don't have Emily today but she usually isn't hard to have around, she actually keeps the others busy. I feel almost a 100% now except for being a little tired since Elijah decided to throw a fit last night and keep me up till almost 1am. I don't know what was wrong with him.

Ben got home last night and after dinner played with the kids. He has to be careful because if he lays on the floor or is anywhere near it the mob squad attacks him. I think he likes it until someone jumps on his stomach without him being ready for it. I have a lot to prepare for this week. Sunday I have my sunbeams lesson and I also have to teach the teacher workshop class and then of course Tuesay is my Bradley class. Going to Lowes today to replace my dead flowers. Last night Ben discovered that Loryn and Elijah's feet are about the same size. Big feet Elijah!

Tuesday the kids played with the playdoe and in the evening Caleb and Emily got to go swimming in the neighbors above ground pool. They loved it!

Here is Elijah playing Dentist with a playdoe dentist kit.

They love playdoe and I wouldn't mind it either if it didn't get everywhere including the carpet.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Feeling better

Finally I am feeling better. The doctor said I would be feeling better by the time I got home. Not the case, I felt horrible all that night and through the next day till around 3:00 in the afternoon. I was able to start eating and cleaning up as you can imagine nothing much got done. I did learn a great way of looking at life coming from the great Miss Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables. One of my favorite movies. It is not very often I like to watch a movie more than once - this is one of those I can. Anyway she says what she has learned is "it is not what the world holds for you, but what you bring to it!" She is so wise. Well I haven't brought much to it the last few days thats for sure.

Well, the funny moment of yesterday was last night when Caleb was showering in our bathroom and the other two were supposed to be watching baby Einstein in our room but instead were in our bathroom were Loryn was painting Elijah's toes pink! He was sitting so nicely on the toilet seat as she painted them. When I walked in he says "look!" "look!" holding his foot out. I was mad but also had to hold a laugh back. Had to take a picture!

pretty feet!
Loryn did a great job! Just wish she would ask first since our previous practice times have resulted in a few pink spot in her room on her carpet. Elijah has also contributed to some on the kitchen floor and our back porch. Several times all over himself. How they get it. I usually have it out of reach or locked up. Sometimes they figure out a way.

Hopefully not much drama will go on today as I have to get ready for my Bradley class. (As I was writing this I had to stop several times to change the kids since they got out and started the sprinklers and were soaking wet and had to clean up Loryn and Elijah from lotion all over their bodies.) We canceled last week so I pretty much have it ready which has worked out great since I still don't feel the greatest. Here are some of my Day lillies that are in bloom today!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sick and tired

Yesterday went OK. I started to get a sore throat early on in the day and achy muscles so it was hard to get the house cleaned up for my party. To add to that I went to Walmart (yes I just went the day before) but forgot the drinks for the party and we needed toilet paper badly. We were down to one role. Ben decided to go down to Atlanta to my dads house and meet Chris at the boat and go skiing. My dad wasn't home they just went to the boat. Ben took Caleb and Loryn. They headed to Atlanta and I went to Walmart with Elijah and do my shopping, get home and then what did I forget? ice cream for the pie and TOILET PAPER! I sometimes wonder what is going on in my brain. So had to borrow some neighbors. I cleaned the house and Elijah and I had some mommy son time and Elijah got to be at his very first Mary Kay party. 4 people showed up so I think that was good and it seems everyone had a good time. Elijah liked to soak his feet too but we had to watch him because he also thought it was fun to splash.

Ben and the kids had a blast. Caleb loved getting thrown off the boat and Loryn liked getting in the water except for the fact that the life vest kept making her swim on her back so she would get frustrated and scared. You can tell they all had a great time!

After the party I began getting worse and was up all night with a fever. Ended up going to the doctor today and got and shot. I've got strep throat. It is not fun, I feel like someone has beat me with a bat. Anyway should start feeling better tomorrow.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Saturday and Mary Kay

It seems that first thing in the morning has been working for me to write my blog. I'm sure I will have to change routine here and there. Yesterday continued about how I planned. I let the kids go in the pool first since they were practically in it before I could say anything about it. We let Elijah take a nap and then ran our errands. Had to go to the bank 20 miles away then to walmart and blockbuster. It turned out to take twice as long because there were accidents on practically every road. Freeway was backed up one way for an hour. Luckily I heard that and we went around, of course everyone else had the same idea and it still was slow. But we survived. Anyway with more than 2 children - when you go out in public - ever get the looks like your crazy and whats wrong with you because you decided to have more than 2 children? I get it all the time and usually doesn't bother me but sometimes I get irritated. Anyway Ben beat us home. His new hours and when he gets home is still something I am getting used to. The kids love it and get excited. At least we can have dinner together. We all ate outside and Ben and I sat on our front table we have. He told me about his day and later Ben help me round up the kids for bed as you can see they thought it was hilarious. (yes he is holding all three at once)

Today Ben is going to help our neighbor move some of his stuff. They sold their house after being on the market for 18 months and now they have to move. We are sad they are going because we enjoyed them as neighbors and friends. We will still keep in touch though. I have to get the house ready for my Mary Kay party tonight which I hope at least one person shows up. I really have a hard time with these parties, I don't know why I ever agree to them. Well, pray lots of people come. We are "gettin our feet sandal ready" soaking our feet in tubs and so forth. Sound great to me! Anyway I'll stop rambling on and quit boring you all. Here's to a smooth day!

I like to go out every morning this time of year and look at all my day lillies and see which ones are blooming. Here are some that are pretty as well as my mailbox flower which I forget the name.

Friday, June 1, 2007

A calmer day

Today is expected to be a calmer day. I do not have the two little girls I had yesterday. Although they were such good girls it would be nice to just switch maybe some of mine for them. JK. As I sit here I hear Elijah in the entryway who is in the process of squishing a moth and having lots of fun with it. It was really tiny so I decided to let him play. Plus, well he is occupied and I don't know about any of you but it is constantly a decision of; is it hurting them?, if not and its keeping them busy - I'll clean the mess later. Of course later I am not to happy about cleaning up the mess.

I survived yesterday. Loryn went to Emma house (our neighbors little girl) for about 10 min and then came home saying Emma wasn't being nice (course that could mean Loryn wasn't getting her way - who knows with 3 year olds). Probably about 5 min later Emma is coming over. Guess she was upset that Loryn left. So we added another child to our fun little group - why not! Caleb and Emily went out to play for a little bit and the rest of the gang stayed and played in Loryn's room as you can see from the picture. They all had fun and really I didn't have to many problems. We played outside after dinner until the girls parents came and got them. All the girls were princess all day long. They dressed up and the 2 year would not change out of her yellow bell costume. I am learning that I need more dress up clothes, more little chairs for the outside so that the little ones don't fight on who has the pink chair and the blue chair and always keep LOTS of Popsicles on hand. Rules of survival!

Anyway, today we just have Emily the 7 year old and my 3. Elijah is starting to sleep through the night again - at least until Monday night - think he is feeling better from whatever he had. Mom is really more rested too. Probably will go to the store and blockbuster and later let the kids play in the pool. Its just a little one but they have fun.

It seems like whenever we start to get our grass looking nice the rain stops coming. Our grass is looking pretty brown even though I have been watering it and all my vinca annuals died that I planted in my front beds. But my day lilies are blooming and are beautiful! I have hundreds that my grandma gave me. I love them! And now I have a pretty vase to put some in. Danelle (the 2 little girls mom) brought me flowers in a small short fish bowl looking vase for watching the girls. Its perfect for the flowers in my yard. Thanks Dannelle! Well I should go check on the morning damage and start the clean up and recovery drills. Hope you all have a wonderful day!