Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sick and tired

Yesterday went OK. I started to get a sore throat early on in the day and achy muscles so it was hard to get the house cleaned up for my party. To add to that I went to Walmart (yes I just went the day before) but forgot the drinks for the party and we needed toilet paper badly. We were down to one role. Ben decided to go down to Atlanta to my dads house and meet Chris at the boat and go skiing. My dad wasn't home they just went to the boat. Ben took Caleb and Loryn. They headed to Atlanta and I went to Walmart with Elijah and do my shopping, get home and then what did I forget? ice cream for the pie and TOILET PAPER! I sometimes wonder what is going on in my brain. So had to borrow some neighbors. I cleaned the house and Elijah and I had some mommy son time and Elijah got to be at his very first Mary Kay party. 4 people showed up so I think that was good and it seems everyone had a good time. Elijah liked to soak his feet too but we had to watch him because he also thought it was fun to splash.

Ben and the kids had a blast. Caleb loved getting thrown off the boat and Loryn liked getting in the water except for the fact that the life vest kept making her swim on her back so she would get frustrated and scared. You can tell they all had a great time!

After the party I began getting worse and was up all night with a fever. Ended up going to the doctor today and got and shot. I've got strep throat. It is not fun, I feel like someone has beat me with a bat. Anyway should start feeling better tomorrow.


Kelsi, John, & Jake said...

looks like the kids had fun! I love Elij soakin'... he's cute. Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Gretchen said...

Get feeling better soon. Being sick with three kids is no picnic.