Friday, June 8, 2007

Yesterday tried to exchange my dead flowers but I guess I have to actually bring in all the dead flowers to get reimbursed. I have about 70 something little ones. I had asked originally when I bought them if I had to do that and the lady had said no so it was irritating that I packed up all the kids and wasted 3 dollars in gas with no result. I'll have to try again tomorrow.

Tonight is date night! YEAAAAHHHHHH! Oh - did I say that with too much enthusiasm. I pick up the babysitter around 5 ish. She seems to be a good one. She even cleans up after them and last time even dusted the piano. Wow! It might just be Ben and I tonight or we might go out with our friends Derek and Marci. There one of our best friends we have in town and always have such a good time together. They have three kids as well all around the same age and their all friends too. We usually do so much together that I think our kids think we are related. Its cute and we love there kids as well.

Here is a funny picture we got emailed to us from a friend. Thought all you LDS (mormons) would get a kick out of it. Ben and I thought it was funny because our perspective is - well yeah you pray and get an answer - so is this church saying you shouldn't pray? I don't quite get their perspective, maybe someone can clue me in. Anyway thought it was funny. Well I better get to cleaning up the house. It is mouse heaven right now (lots of cracker crumbs and goodies all over the floor and couches) As they get older the messes get bigger. Comes with the territory.

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