Sunday, June 10, 2007

Saturday and the Braves Game

Ben and I had a great time Friday night on our date night. We went out to Big River Grill and then for some ice cream. We felt like such losers because we didn't know what we should do after that and ended up making it an early night. Kids were still awake when we got home which was still close to eleven except for Elijah. But it was nice to get out on our own.

Saturday I spent the whole day making cookies. We have a new neighbor that moved in across the street and I thought I would bring them some yummies to welcome them to the neighborhood and introduce myself. I ended up making a double batch and spent hours cooking them. Had so many cookies all my other neighbors ended up having some cookies as well.

Ben and Caleb were the lucky ones as they got to go to a Brave's game. Ben said Caleb had a great time. He had two sodas two ice creams star burst and other treats. So you can imagine how still he sat during the game. I believe Ben had to take him out in the third inning because he kept bouncing back and forth in front of a lady next to them. The guys Ben went with were silly with Caleb which I believe Caleb got a kick out of. Overall they all had a great time.

Today was church day. Didn't do much till this afternoon went outside to water the flowers. Gave the hose to Elijah to help me water and he ended up having too much fun watering the kids and himself instead. He has figure out how to stick his finger in the water to make it squirt further out. Well I need to round up the kids and get them to bed.

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Kelsi, John, & Jake said...

looks like LOTS-O-FUN! glad you and ben had a nice date... and caleb & ben had fun at the game... and elijah's learned how to squirt, now no one will mess with him!!! :) now get those babies to bed and relax!!!