Saturday, June 2, 2007

Saturday and Mary Kay

It seems that first thing in the morning has been working for me to write my blog. I'm sure I will have to change routine here and there. Yesterday continued about how I planned. I let the kids go in the pool first since they were practically in it before I could say anything about it. We let Elijah take a nap and then ran our errands. Had to go to the bank 20 miles away then to walmart and blockbuster. It turned out to take twice as long because there were accidents on practically every road. Freeway was backed up one way for an hour. Luckily I heard that and we went around, of course everyone else had the same idea and it still was slow. But we survived. Anyway with more than 2 children - when you go out in public - ever get the looks like your crazy and whats wrong with you because you decided to have more than 2 children? I get it all the time and usually doesn't bother me but sometimes I get irritated. Anyway Ben beat us home. His new hours and when he gets home is still something I am getting used to. The kids love it and get excited. At least we can have dinner together. We all ate outside and Ben and I sat on our front table we have. He told me about his day and later Ben help me round up the kids for bed as you can see they thought it was hilarious. (yes he is holding all three at once)

Today Ben is going to help our neighbor move some of his stuff. They sold their house after being on the market for 18 months and now they have to move. We are sad they are going because we enjoyed them as neighbors and friends. We will still keep in touch though. I have to get the house ready for my Mary Kay party tonight which I hope at least one person shows up. I really have a hard time with these parties, I don't know why I ever agree to them. Well, pray lots of people come. We are "gettin our feet sandal ready" soaking our feet in tubs and so forth. Sound great to me! Anyway I'll stop rambling on and quit boring you all. Here's to a smooth day!

I like to go out every morning this time of year and look at all my day lillies and see which ones are blooming. Here are some that are pretty as well as my mailbox flower which I forget the name.

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Kelsi, John, & Jake said...

hope your party went well and your feet are all "sandal ready!" that sounds nice...

Elijah is lookin like a totally different kid!