Friday, June 1, 2007

A calmer day

Today is expected to be a calmer day. I do not have the two little girls I had yesterday. Although they were such good girls it would be nice to just switch maybe some of mine for them. JK. As I sit here I hear Elijah in the entryway who is in the process of squishing a moth and having lots of fun with it. It was really tiny so I decided to let him play. Plus, well he is occupied and I don't know about any of you but it is constantly a decision of; is it hurting them?, if not and its keeping them busy - I'll clean the mess later. Of course later I am not to happy about cleaning up the mess.

I survived yesterday. Loryn went to Emma house (our neighbors little girl) for about 10 min and then came home saying Emma wasn't being nice (course that could mean Loryn wasn't getting her way - who knows with 3 year olds). Probably about 5 min later Emma is coming over. Guess she was upset that Loryn left. So we added another child to our fun little group - why not! Caleb and Emily went out to play for a little bit and the rest of the gang stayed and played in Loryn's room as you can see from the picture. They all had fun and really I didn't have to many problems. We played outside after dinner until the girls parents came and got them. All the girls were princess all day long. They dressed up and the 2 year would not change out of her yellow bell costume. I am learning that I need more dress up clothes, more little chairs for the outside so that the little ones don't fight on who has the pink chair and the blue chair and always keep LOTS of Popsicles on hand. Rules of survival!

Anyway, today we just have Emily the 7 year old and my 3. Elijah is starting to sleep through the night again - at least until Monday night - think he is feeling better from whatever he had. Mom is really more rested too. Probably will go to the store and blockbuster and later let the kids play in the pool. Its just a little one but they have fun.

It seems like whenever we start to get our grass looking nice the rain stops coming. Our grass is looking pretty brown even though I have been watering it and all my vinca annuals died that I planted in my front beds. But my day lilies are blooming and are beautiful! I have hundreds that my grandma gave me. I love them! And now I have a pretty vase to put some in. Danelle (the 2 little girls mom) brought me flowers in a small short fish bowl looking vase for watching the girls. Its perfect for the flowers in my yard. Thanks Dannelle! Well I should go check on the morning damage and start the clean up and recovery drills. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

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Kelsi, John, & Jake said...

two days in a row... so impressed! looking forward to hearing of tomorrow's adventures. ben's home for the second weekend in a row, that's gonna take some getting used to! :) sure love you. looks like lots of fun at your house!