Thursday, June 21, 2007

Where do I start. It has been several days since I last posted so I need to do a little catching up. Sunday, Father's Day, we went to church. We had to leave a little early because the stake President called and asked to see us. We both thought, "Uh Oh!". Ben was called in and asked if he would except the calling of 1st councilor to the Elders Quorum.(I think I spelled and said it right) Ben is excited about the calling just a little overwhelmed. We have faith he was called for a reason and that if the Lord thinks he can handle all of what is going on in his life (new job, school, family, and church calling) than he can. We ended up having to leave early because Elijah decided he would give daddy a little gift and throw one of his top ten tantrums. I took him out in the hallway and he just let it go throwing his body around and screaming. Ben said he could hear him in the chapel. I couldn't settle him down so we had to leave. Then Ben and Caleb went and helped our good friends Sean and Kellie move into their new house. Caleb had fun because they had a pool and so the boys all went swimming. I stayed home with the youngest two.

Monday I had Emily and my 3. We ran a few errands and went to McKay books store, a used book store in town. I always turn old books in and get credit. So I went to look for a book for me and the kids got to pick out few. They had fun. Loryn picked out a few Dora books, Caleb picked a few Thomas train books (of course!), Elijah didn't care but we got him a book with a little piano on it. Also found some classics, had to get Dr. Dolittle, Little Women, Anne of Green Gables (my favorite movie!), and some others.

Monday night we went to Marci and Derek's house for a little BBQ and swimming. Charlie and Adrienne went to and all the kids including us had a great time. Elijah went swimming with Ben and in no time wanted to copy the oldest and jump off the diving board. He kept throwing his arm floaties off and kicking them away just to show us how much he liked them. We ended up leaving late and I let Elijah stay up till we left which was past ten, with regret. An hour and a half after we got home and he was asleep he woke up and was up for hours. Laid back down for a few hours then was up again. Miserable! He does that every time I don't put him to bed close to his bedtime which is normally around 7pm. And of course what day is this. Monday! The night before my Bradley Class. I'm telling you it happens every time.

Tuesday wasn't too bad except for being tired. I finished preparing for my Bradley class. Thanks to all of you who prayed for rain for us. We finally received some rain! Yeahh! Hopefully we will get some more soon. Classes went well. I taught about 1st stage labor, how body works, and labor rehearsal. Caleb stayed at Emily's house to help Ben out with the kids because they all had to stay inside with the rain. He also had an extra little girl Marni who is very cute but not used to playing with other kids. I think he was ready for class to be over.

Wednesday we went to Marci's just me and the kids. She was sick and needed to go to the Doctors so I went over and watched the kids while she went to the doctors. She has three little ones 7, 5, and 3. We all played in the pool from 10:30 until 3:30. Elijah took a 3 hour nap and the kids had a blast. By the time we left, it was getting late so we picked up some food on the way home. Ben had enough time to eat, change, and head to his first meeting in his new calling. The kids played outside and a few of the moms were out so we all chatted while the kids played until 8:15. Got the kids to bed and relaxed for a bit. Earlier in the day Loryn tried to brush her hair using my brush on her own. Here are the results. Poor girl, took me a little bit to get the tangles and the brush out.

Today, (were finally here) was nothing exciting (not that the rest of the week was but...) we ran a few errands, to the Car Tag place, bank, $ tree, Walmart (I feel like I live there!), and blockbuster (you know you go there too much when all the employees know you by name). Headed home, Elijah nap, I cleaned, and here we are. We are expecting Julia and Sean and her 2 girls this afternoon. They're driving somewhere and are stopping through. We haven't seen them in awhile so are looking forward to their visit. Here is what happened to my living room in the few moments I turned my back. This is a normal sight. Oh yes and this morning started off the day with egg carpet a la mode. Elijah decided to take the eggs out of the fridge and crack them open on my carpet! I was livid!( I bought a fridge lock at Walmart today.) Well I need to go do some laundry and re pick up the house. It never ends!

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