Friday, June 15, 2007

Crazy Week!

Well I am already starting to not write as much. It has been a crazy week. All I can say is kids, children, little people, kids, little people, and oh yes dogs, cats, and 4 wheelers. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I watched Tasia who is 6, my 3 (Wed we added Emily), as well as other neighborhood wanna be Doolittle children Emma and our new neighbor Dylan, oh yes and Rachel another little girl was here as well at one time and also two other boys. So there were times when I thought I had died and gone to ..... oh heaven, of course. No actually it wasn't too bad and the kids had fun. I just spent the whole day running after everybody cleaning up and making sure noone got lost or hurt. Wed we had some stray dogs scare the kids up on top of the playground. Today, we noticed signes that they were missing. I called and the lady called back to say she had found them. But then only about 30 min after that did I see the same dogs again. So I called back and she had to leave work to come get them. They were nice so it was ok, atleast for us... but not for Raza (our black cat). Raza thought she could take them all on. I tried to get her in the house but she decided to attack them, she ended up getting cornered by all three and barely escaped first under the car and then ran out back and up a huge tree. She was waaayyy up there. And there she sat for more than 3 hours, I think. Poor girl. She is still a little frazled... don't touch her!

Tuesday night I had my Bradley class and that went well. We learned about drugs and myths and coaching. Watched a great video on good coach/bad coach and I didn't go over too much. The kids were outside with Ben the whole time. Then all played with some neighbors, mainly our new neighbor Dylan (he is Caleb's age). Dylan and Caleb like to wrestle on the trampoline. Well, I was told that at one time Dylan hit Caleb in the head. Don't worry... caleb had back up. Elijah came running at Dylan and punched him hard in the stomach (doubled Dylan over). Ben said you could here it... poor Dylan - I guess he learned not to mess with the Doolittle children - they stick up for one another. Dylan is a nice kid and gets along very well with all the kids. Today we let Caleb stay and play with Dylan while we ran an errand and I was told by Dylan's mom Beth that they had a great time playing monster truck rally ramming each other with there two electric four wheeler and truck, she says as the you could hear giggles echoing around the whole neighborhood. They have fun together.

I have recently come in contact with some old High School buddies. It's been fun to see what they have been up to all these years. Kind of weird how all our lives have taken such different turns.

Well, the weekend is on us, our grass is continuing to die and most of my annuals are dead. I usaully pride myself on our front yard and how pretty I can make the beds but now just feel hopeless about it. I am about to start doing the rain dance, anything to make it rain. I think God is making fun at us because we are continually getting rain clouds over us and it just passes right by. A little south of us gets a down pour but not us. And we need it badly! So everyone pray for rain!

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