Friday, September 4, 2009

Growing up ~ LORYN ~

Loryn is growing into a beautiful, smart, and kind little girl. She continues to show kindness to her friends and siblings. She has lost a few teeth, and can now officially say "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth". Every time she would fight it saying she didn't want to lose it, but was glad when it came out. The most recent one dangled for few days before I finally gently held her down and pulled it (it was barely holding on).

Loryn didn't know the differences between summer and school because she had not yet experienced full time school. All she knew was that Caleb was home everyday and that she wasn't going to preschool anymore. She had a good time playing with the boys. She likes playing mario cart with them, and they all love building tents. She also got to go swimming at her friend Leah's house, Discovery museum, and visits to grandma's house.

Loryn played with her friend Emma a lot. They would take turn going to each others houses and playing outside. It was all about dressing up, barbie dolls, and pretending house. Sometimes Elijah got suckered into the pretend play and also Ady, but they seemed to have fun with it. We did find a new love for Loryn. She loves to hike. We went hiking 4 miles and she just loved it, and actually didn't fall asleep until 1am that night.

"I get to go to school every day!?!"
Loryn started kindergarten this year. She was sooo excited! She did great on her first days, and hasn't looked back. She loves her teacher, Mrs. Parnell, and meeting all her new friends. She especially loves riding the bus home and walking from the bus stop to our house like the big kids!

I already see an improvement in her. She is writing her name and learning new letters. I think school becomes her and she is thriving.

Plie ... tap tap tap...

Ballet and tap were loryn's choice in sport this season and she absolutely loves it! She has had two classes so far and is having lots of fun with it. This last class Ady even learned something and started dancing. She goes on Monday nights and will be going once a week all year until her recital.

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