Thursday, April 10, 2008

The seasons of our life...

And so the count down has started; all my projects need to be completed as well as the baby crib put together, boys dressers put together, baby clothes washed, etc., etc. It seems like forever till she comes and then it seems like I am running out of time. I just hope I am not overdue as long as Kelsi was, my poor sister in law. The longest I have been overdue is 4 days. Although I am sure at some point I may forget the pain of being pregnant and long for another, only with temporary insanity, I am currently looking forward to this being my last pregnancy. Here is to the next 10 years of getting my body back in shape and feeling good about it.

It is odd to think about how having this last baby is the threshold to the beginning of a new phase in our lives. As Adyson grows our baby phase will end with her. And as that is somewhat sad to me I look forward to a new season and different phase of our children's lives. I realize now how quickly it goes and try to remember that when I wish for this child or that to grow past that childish behavior that I need to enjoy it for this is such a short moment of life that they are little.

Like this morning when Elijah should have been napping I peaked in on him and found him diaper less and pee right by the door. It is somewhat a good sign because he is getting close to being serious about potty training on the other hand... does it need to be said? In addition to that, both Loryn and Elijah decided they would have a yogurt binge and snuck 3 gogurts each downstairs, I found out because Elijah had it all over himself. Loryn attempted to lie about it but mommies know best.

I get a call yesterday about the dressers delivery date. My mom bought the boys new dressers. See, I am spoiled, Thanks Mom! I tell them that I have to pick up my son from school and will be gone between 2:30 and 3:15pm, and that anytime before or after is fine. The guy on the phone says oh no probably it will be delivered way before that. 2:30 comes around no dresser. I had my neighbor pick up Caleb and was grateful because the truck came at 2:45pm, the exact window that they were supposed to avoid. The driver said he was given no such instructions and apologized. No harm done. This weekend Ben and I will be assembling the dressers, the crib and organizing the rooms, what fun!

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