Saturday, April 12, 2008

"I'm Peeing mommy!"

Is it a dream? Is this really starting to happen? Is my youngest really starting to voluntarily use the potty? I have been praying that Elijah would be potty trained before the baby is born and lately have started to give up on that dream... until this morning.

Elijah takes off his soaked night time diaper and I tell him to get a new one. He brings me his pull up which I say OK you can were that. We get it on him and 2 seconds later he is taking it off, says he need to pee pee. We say go ahead go pee in the potty. Ben went and helped him and actually showed him. He didn't pee. We put his pull up back on and again in 2 seconds was taking it off again saying he needs to pee. So we say go ahead, go pee. Then an amazing thing happens, I hear him peeing and run in the bathroom to see him standing up like a big boy and actually peeing in the potty, as he yells "I'm peeing mommy, pee, peeee!" We all start clapping and screaming what a big boy he is and I go and get him real underwear, Thomas, and he is just so excited. I am so proud of him and now have some hope that he may just be potty trained by the time the baby arrives. Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

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