Thursday, April 10, 2008


It was a long day! I haven't been getting much sleep lately because I have been a little sick. I think it might just be allergies but it feels a little like a cold; I am losing my voice, sore throat and stuffy nose. Wednesdays are usually hard because I have to take the girls to preschool, clean house, and make sure my Bradley classes are prepared, as well as look halfway decent.

The morning was actually not that bad, I went to the store, and got a few things cleaned up and ready in the house, and Elijah was not too crazy. It was after I picked up the girls that it got to be exhausting and frustrating.

I thought I would be smart and bring my laptop with me so right after I pick up the girls we would just go and wait for Caleb a little early at his school and I could try and finish getting my presentation ready for my class. Well, things never turn out how you think they will. The kids acted like they had eaten a bowl of sugar and were not listening and just horsing around in the car, and to top it off I had to go pee about 5 minutes after we got in line at the school. I still had 35 minutes to wait! You might think that wouldn't be a problem but I was trapped with cars behind me and side of me and couldn't get out to go home real quick. I didn't want to go inside the school because I was wearing Ben's old pajama pants that I cut off into shorts and a t-shirt that was stained, embarrassing to say the least. (Not much is fitting me these days and Ben is getting irritated that he comes home and I cam wearing his t-shirts) So I had to hold it, work on my laptop that does not fit on my lap very well these days and try not to pee my pants when I yelled at the kids.

After Caleb and Emily were picked up, although frustrated, we survived and I stayed dry, which was a feat in itself. Seems like the baby thinks when mommy has to pee it is a great time to kick her bladder.

We get home unload the monkeys and I attempt to finish getting ready for my class, and finish cleaning. This night my class was starting early because we were going to combine 2 classes and it was the last one. I had a lot to still do. It would have been fine if I did not have one child or another every 2 minutes (literally, not kidding or exaggerating), coming in and either telling on someone, had hurt themselves, they were thirsty, hungry, wanted a Popsicles, had to pee, wanted to come inside etc. etc. I could have pulled my hair out.

I was flustered by the time I could finish what I needed, take a shower, have dinner ready, and be ready for my class. I was grateful that Ben got home early and was able to help me out a little.
My class went great, I included a guest speaker toward the end of class and apple pie for dessert and we finished off all happy and excited that our babies will be here soon. I think and hope that all my couples got out of the class what they expected if not more and that it helps them have the type of birth that they want. For now, I am done worrying about classes and Wednesday cleaning. One more thing to look forward to; 7 more weeks and schools are out I should only have my own kids to worry about. Normally it would be fine, but I am really just getting too tired to deal with many more kids, and usually it is not my kids that cause the most trouble (at least not usually).

Of course right as that is all done, I will have a new little one. A few weeks ago, Ben and I were discussing how Loryn and Elijah would both be in preschool and how nice that will be for me two have 2 days to myself. Ben starts going on about how I will be able to go to the gym and do this and that. I had to remind him that I would have the baby at home. He says "oh yea, I forgot". Easy for him to forget he doesn't have a 20 # melon in his abdomen taking up every bit of breathing room and organ room. Thought it was funny though.

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