Thursday, September 20, 2007

Water Water Water

If only we did have a lot of water via rain this summer my grass would not have practically died nor my other plants struggle to survive. With the cooling temperature we have finally been able to get out and get wet.

Car Wash - the kids helped Ben with washing his car the other day. They had a lot of fun. Of course Ben would get frustrated because they liked to keep washing the side that was already done or kept dumping out the water bucket with soap in it. Caleb pored almost the whole bottle of soap in and pretty much washed the driveway. But they all had fun!

Sunday the kids had fun playing in the pool. It was perfect weather!

Elijah's face is all healed up. He has a little scar on his cheek that I hope will eventually fade away.


Kelsi, John, & Jake said...

yeah for water, washing cars, and dancing! thanks for the update...

Kelsi, John, & Jake said...

is ben too fat to wear his wedding ring? :)

Melanie said...

Looks like a good summer time!
What would I give to have a driveway where I could wash my car? Between that and lugging our laundry up and down the stairs from the laundry room, apartment living is gettin' old.