Monday, March 15, 2010

For Sale By Owner

Most of you are aware that we are selling our house. We have decided to put it up by owner first because in actuality we are not all too anxious to sell it before the kids are out of school. Of course, the way the houseing market is right now even with a gung ho method of selling it still probably wouldn't sell for awhile. Our advantage is that our neighborhood is prime location for people who are moving down to Chattanooga/Ooltewah area to work at the new volkswagon plant being built. We are hopeing there will be a lot of interest but ultimatly we are putting it in the Lord's hands.

In order to sell it we have been doing a lot of fixing and beautifying. Ben took off a week so we could paint etc. In that week we painted the master bedroom and bathroom, the main living room (with 18ft ceiling - that was fun), kitchen, entryways, and guest bathroom. We had the carpets stretched - thanks Devon! The front brick work fixed - thanks Derek! I have cleaned up the beds a little and tried to get the front looking as best as possible for this time of year - I have way too many perinial beds! I couldn't do much the week after his vacation because me and all the kids got sick, but last week went through the boys room, and started the girls room. We still have to paint the downstairs living room (which we keep putting off), and the office. We have a lot of stuff to bring to my grandmas house for storage - thanks for the storage room grandma! We have already made a few trips and currently have a garage full of stuff to store. To make the rooms look spacious we had to take out a lot of stuff including Ady's changing table/dressor. Made me kind of sad, she is growing up too fast.
So it will be all about sacrafice - what is the minimum we can live with for an unknown amount of time. We really are just busting at the seems with 6 of us living here. I really can't complain because I really do love this house and feel very blessed to have something this nice and even though we are kind of squished - this big. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for blessing us sooo much!

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