Sunday, August 14, 2011

Afternoon at the lake

Friday after school we ran to grandma's to pick up our life jackets from grandmas. We didn't think we would be going to the lake anymore so left them there. We had a blast. Friend of our's, Curtis, took us out on his boat on Lake Alatoona. Curtis' daughter, Whitney and her friend, Brandon, Conner, and us all went. The kids got to go on the raft and play on the beach. The "big boys" went out wake surfing. The kids enjoyed playing on the raft near the beach something reminding me of king of the mountain. Ady showed us her great swimming skills like floating on her back. Of course she was in her vest. One of the highlights was playing in the mud.
We had our first experience with having to potty, like the kind you don't want to be at the lake for, thanks to Loryn. Only casuality was an ant got in her bathing suit and bit her a few times before figuring out it was there. Poor thing - she comes up to me "mom there is something keeps poking me in the back". So I look and find the little bugger. At least that was all that happened.  
I got to try my first wake surfing experience. They tell me what to do to start and I was able to get up but didn't know what to do after that. I was different than anything I have tried before but I really enjoy it. Next summer we'll have to try more of that. 
We headed back late, Caleb talked us into spending the night with Conner (Curtis's son), and settled the kids to bed finally. It was a great day.

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