Friday, February 1, 2008

My Poor baby!

Well, it finally happened. One of my kids broke one of their bones in their bodies. I have been dreading and actually hoping that it would never happen. After all, I never had a broken bone and neither has Ben. Last night Caleb went to wrestling practice and in all but 2 minutes managed to break his leg. As was told to me: he twisted his leg and and the same time the other kid came in and "snap!". Ben rushed him to the emergency room and as soon as I begged my neighbors to take my kids I rushed there as well feeling an indescribable pain I think only a mother can feel. My baby is hurt and I just couldn't get their fast enough. The whole thing just tears me up! When I got there he seemed to being doing fine and only screamed when they had to move his leg and when they put the IV in (which we had to hold him down for them to do it). They gave him some demerol, took x-rays, put his foot in a splint and sent us home. I went to Walmart to get lots of goodies like ice cream and pop tarts and anything I could think of that he could eat in bed and spoil him rotten. The night went fine except for when we had to force him to go potty which again was a fight. I don't blame him, I am sure he is in a lot of pain. But at five (opps! almost 6!) understanding that you just have to do something even if you don't want to is hard to grasp. This morning we with to the ortho doctor and he got a cast put on, yellow, his choice, or I should say bright hurt yours eyes so bright yellow. Or maybe "hey everyone look at me I have a cast on yellow". As Caleb says "now I can play in the forest and be the lantern". Currently Caleb is watching a movie and resting. Loryn and Elijah are both upset to see their bubba hurt and are being so sweet to him. I hope he heals quickly! As the doctor says only like 6 weeks.