Friday, May 30, 2008

Sleeping like a baby

I used to think sleeping like a baby meant that you slept really long and hard. Of course babies sleep a lot but not usually when you want them to. I have a whole new definition of what sleeping like a baby means. To me it means not going to bed until 2am like last night because somebody, we will not name names, thought it would be lots of fun to eat then sleep for 5 minutes, then wake up and eat and sleep for 5 minutes, then fuss a little and continue the pattern. Finally she stayed asleep at 2am and I could at last go to sleep. She actually will go a long run of it by that point. She slept till 7am and ate then went back to sleep until noonish. It would be great if only I could go to sleep when she does, but when you have 3 other kids it is not an easy thing to do. Here's to having a new baby! I try to still hold on to these moments, to remember them, even the hard ones. For one, I want to enjoy this last time I will ever have to experience new mothering, and two, when Adyson is a few years old and I somehow start to think that I am baby hungry, I can remember these moments and say - "phew, I am done with that!". Well, here is to hopefully a better night of sleep.

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Kelsi, John, Jake, & Georgia said...

here's hoping, huh! :)

so, totally off subject... but was the missionary who baptized you named Jared Lucero? {If not, his name sounds familiar for some reason and I have no clue!} If it was, I think I just came across his blog! Here's the link: look it up and let me know!!:)