Monday, May 26, 2008

Week at a glance

The first week Ben stayed home to help with the new adjustments. He was a big help keeping the kids busy, and even holding and sleeping with Adyson to help me get some sleep. Adyson did pretty well. Her schedual was of course off and she was up most of the night. She loved sleeping on daddy and was actually one of the few times she would sleep for more than 4 hours. She does not take a binky very willingly and actually gets mad if you give her one and she is still learning to nurse. She doesn't seem to want to open her eyes much, maybe she is afraid to.

The kids had a good time playing games with daddy. They are adjusting well. They love holding Adyson and are very willing to help. Caleb is getting a little sad wanting more time with mom and dad, and gets a little frustrated that he has to clean up after everybody and now the baby!

Pretty much this week was keeping the kids from killing each other and destroying the house and letting mom and baby get some rest and get adjusted. Not an easy job. Sometimes you just got to throw them in the bath.

Overall we survived and Ben returned to work on Monday the 19th. The next week without Ben was actually not bad at all. I went to the store with all 4 on Thursday and other than not having room in the grocery cart it wasn't that bad. It was just a short trip to if I had to do a lot of shopping I still think leaving them at home would be the best way to go. Adyson does her best sleeping in the mornings which is good and bad. It is great because I can get things done and bad because I can't continue sleeping because the other three are awake. In time I guess she will finally sleep at night and give me more normal sleep.

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