Sunday, May 11, 2008

Time with Adyson

As I mentioned before my dad, Lisa, Chris and Aimee came over Saturday morning to meet Adyson and to take the kids out.

Here is Elijah getting ready to go to Marci's house. He was trying to figure out the swim vest.

The kids had fun at Marci's. They swam, played Wii, played outside, and had a great sleep over. Ben and I enjoyed not having to worry about the kids and just rest and get to know Adyson. Ben went and got some sushi and made beef stir fry to go with it for dinner. By 10pm I fed Adyson and Ben took the first shift to let me get some solid sleep for a few hours before heading into the night with Adyson. He brought her to me about 130am. Adyson did well last night. I was able to feed her well and she would sleep for a few hours at a time.

We didn't get moving until about 10am the next morning. Ben went and got the kids about 12pm. We threw them in the shower and let them go out and play for a little while. When they came in Ben was holding Adyson on his chest and all the kids wanted to hold Adyson the same way too. The kids continue to love her and want to hold her. They just think she is soooo cute.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! What's going on with Adyson's foot in the picture of her and Ben? Is that a birthmark or just the way the lights hitting her?
Love you,