Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thinking back . . . December

Well, as you all know I am veeerrrry behind. I have been very busy, and when I do have time I just don't feel like getting on here and downloading and writing. Sorry to all my family and friends. So here is an attempt at catching up and hopefully keeping up.

Most of you know that Adyson's surgery is coming up and the is what has motivated me to start blogging again. I started thinking about how much I will appreciate journaling my experience with this trial we are going to have to go through.

Now I have to think back to December and remember what all happenend. I can't even remember what I did yesterday. We will start with pictures and I will tell you what I remember.

Loryn and Elijah had a christmas program at their preschool. Loryn wanted her hair curly, so we did what we could to curl it and hope for it to stay. Her hair is so straight, no curl stays in it. We attempted and it did curl better than a curling iron. What matters is she was so beautiful and Elijah was a handsome little fellow. They did their parts well, and was very excited to see Santa. Their favorite part, I believe was the cookies that they served afterward.

Decorating for Christmas is always lots of fun with the kids. Loryn was a big help this year...

We went to Grandma Mary's house in Cartersville Christmas week when the kids were out of school. Grandma Ladnier, my mom, and Bob, my mom's husband came out to visit for christmas. It was so nice to see all of them. So we went out for the day and just enjoyed each other's company.

Chris, my brother, is living downstairs for a little while till he is done with school in May.
Grandma Ladnier and Adyson.

Bob and chris.

It was Grandma Ladnier's birthday, so I made her a cheesecake poundcake with her yummy fudge icing.

Chris, Aimee, and Grandma Mary.
Christmas Eve my mom and Bob, Lisa Hunter, my mom's friend from NC, and Bob came to our house for dinner and a christmas play the kids put on. It was a lovely night, we all had a good time. Then for Christmas morning Ben, me and the kids drove down to Grandmas and celebrated the day with everybody, spent the night and went home on Friday.

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