Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blood Drive for Adyson

With Adyson's surgery around the corner, I am starting to make sure things are in order. It has been and will be a busy month. Tuesday I contacted Blood Assurance regarding the blood donations Adyson would need for her surgery.

There are two types, the direct donation which is someone donating their blood that will go directly to Adyson specifically and needs to be a type that she can use. We have taken care of that here, I am donating, my dad is donating, and we have one more person. We only need 3 units for her.

There is also another type of way to donate towards Adyson surgery. They called it a replacement donation where someone would donate their blood and it would not specifically go to Adyson but Blood Assurance will donate $10 toward the family to help out with the financial burderns of her surgery. For someone to help out in that way they would need Adyson's file # and information. So when they went in to donate they would say it was for a replacement donation for Adyson. If anyone would like to do that, you can do that from any Blood Assurance location that takes blood, the information you need is as follows:

Adyson Doolittle


Surgery date is February 19, 2009

(For anyone that is not local then you would need to contact your local blood bank and ask if they have a similiar program. If not, you can always just donate in honor of Adyson which we would also greatly appreciate.)

Blood Assurance said that for as long as wanted could donate toward her surgery so if you wanted to donate for her but maybe need to wait awhile it does not have to be done before her surgery, it can be anytime. I don't know if you need all of the information above but I know at the very least you need her #.

Our family just seems to have the lucky streak of medical burdens. We feel fortunate that we have been taken care greatly from the medical communites from Santa Barbara, CA with Ben's cancer and surgeries, to here in Chattanooga with Adyson's condition. We are where we need to be as people from all over the country come here to chattanooga to have the type of surgery Adyson is having using these skilled doctors specializing in her type of surgery, Dr. Sargent, and Dr. Strait, among the other pediatric specialist and pediatric anesthesiologist. She will be having her surgery at the children's hospital, TC Thompson, which specializes in children.

I want to add how thankful I am to have a Heavenly Father who knows our present circumstance as well as what future needs we will need and I know if we trust in Him and follow Him we will be taken care of. Thanks to our family who has been ready to jump in and help in any way they can. Kathi is arriving the 14 of Feb and is staying 2 weeks! My mom is trying to make it out after that.

Thank you to all of you who have her in your prayers and ask that you continue to do so. We are grateful for everyones suppport.
If you would like to read about the specifics of her information you can refer to my previous blog I wrote a few months back. Here is the link:

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