Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Caleb - 7 Years Old!

Caleb's birthday was on February 5th. He turned 7 years old this year! Time sure does go by fast. We have a new rule with birthdays - big birthday parties only every 4 years. Caleb's next big birthday party year will be when he turns 8. Eight is a big year in many ways, including him getting baptized. I can't beleive that is only a year away.

For his birthday this year I surprised him at school with cupcakes for his class and goody bags. He was dissapointed earlier that morning when I told him I could not come for his lunch. He had no idea and was shocked when he walked in from lunch and there we were. I had balloons on his desk and cupcakes and juice on everyones desk. The kids had fun also.

Caleb was allowed to have a friend spend the night on Friday, he chose Cole, his best friend. Saturday my dad, Lisa, Chris and Aimee, and Grandma Mary came out to take Caleb out to lunch and have cake to celebrate. While they were out dad and I gave our direct blood donations for Adyson's surgery. I don't think dad ate enough before hand because he almost past out. It was funny (of course after he was better). Grandma took us to Sho Guns, a Japanese restaurant that cooks in front of you. Thanks Grandma! It was lots of fun. Elijah ran out of the room everytime there was a big fire. Afterwards, we all went back to our house to open presents and have cake. I think Caleb had a wonderful birthday and was shown how much he is loved.

Caleb's accomplishments as a 6 year old:
  • He started first grade and is top in his class
  • He is now reading at a 3rd grade level
  • homework is waaay to easy for him
  • he now enjoys real skateboarding after getting Tony Hawk skateboarding game for the DS for xmas
  • He is waaay to good at playing video games
  • He loves to read - just finished ready Tom Sawyer
  • He has never gotten in trouble at school and is one of the best students
  • Although Adyson loves all her siblings - Caleb is the one who really makes her light up (that's her buddy) - Caleb also adores her and wants to hold her all the time.
  • He loves legos and building with them.
  • He is very passionate about everything and reacts emotionally to most things
  • He is very intelligent, kind, loves kids, is best friends with his brother Elijah, and the most wonderful son. (How did I get so lucky!)

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Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia} said...

happy, happy birthday Caleb dear... we love you!!