Sunday, February 22, 2009

Adyson's surgery - Day 2

Today started out horrible! Not because something went wrong with Ady but because there was a horrible trauma case that came into the PICU right when we got there to see her. When we arrived on the floor their were all these people around and there was a lady in the waiting room screaming and crying. We called the room and they said Adyson was awake and they were giving her a bottle. I told them I had breastmilk to give her and that we would have to go get it. They said we could so Ben and I started back to the Ronald McDonald House to get the milk and I just kept getting really upset knowing that the first time Adyson is waking up and we can't be there. I was afraid she would be scared to not hear us nearby. Ben told be to go back up and see if they will let just me sit with her while he runs and gets the milk. But they were not letting anyone in and because I had noway to call Ben I had to wait by the PICU till he got back so I wouldn't miss him. Just in a few minutes I wished I had gone with him because all these people started showing up and were fainting and screaming on the ground, the mom starts to throw furniture in the waiting room and it was just sooo much grief it was horrible. What I gathered was that there was a 1st grader that was hit by an SUV on the way to the bus stop. His neck was broken and they thought he was brain dead. I just kept thinking "that's Caleb's age!" My heart could have broke for that family and defintily there were prayers. It was hard to see they go through that and at the same time it was hard not to be able to see my baby knowing she was awake. So we went back to the Ronald McDonal house and waited till past 12pm. Finally they said we could come in and see her.

They told us they had taken the ventilator out and she was breathing on her own and she had been given a bottle of formula. I was so excited to see her, finally awake, I wanted her to know we were there. When we walked in she was asleep. She was very swollen and her arms were in the nonos (arm braces that keep her from bending her arms and pulling out lines) and tied to the rail. They had to give her some kind of drug that makes her not care and morphine to calm her down. Apparently she woke up right when they brought in the trauma child it was right next to her. She got very agitated (throwing her arms and screaming) from the mess going on next to her and they couldn't calm her down, so they had to drug her. My guess is she was probably confused, didn't know where she was, couldn't see, and where was mommy and daddy? Poor baby.

She woke up while we were there and really had a hard time. Ben and I sang to her and held her hand and talked with her and she calmed down. After that we didn't have too hard of a time calming her down. I think she needed to know that her parents were close by.
The rest of the day we visited her and they headed back to the Ronald McDonald house for the night to get some sleep.

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