Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Day 6 of the Surgery and Ady was able to go home today! We were anxious all day waiting for the doctors to come and do their rounds, look at Ady, then give us the clearance to go home.

Last night was a little rough, waking up every 1-3 hours and 2 blowout poopy diapers and one throw up. She was fussy most of the morning, not sleeping too much and would wake screaming quite often whe she did sleep. But when Grandma, Ben, Loryn and Elijah showed up she was very excited and continued wanting to play and becoming more active. We were released and in the car by 3pm. We had to drop by Walgreens to pick up her prescription, but were home right after that.

She was soooo excited to be home. She was smiling, started laughing at Elijah and squiling. It is almost 8pm right now and she has still not gone to sleep. She even sat at the table with us and snacked on some baby puffy snack. After dinner I let her go on the floor and off she went with me trailing, of course. I am so nervous she is going to hurt herself.

It feels so good to be home, I love seeing all my kids, and am soo happy most of this is behind us. We have a little bit of healing still do to, but she is leaps and bounds better everyday. Once I can get a little more sleep, the fog will lift, and I will feel a lot better. Now that I am home I hope I can keep updating her progress. There just seems to be less time and more to do when your not at the hospital all day. I can finally take off my shoes!!!

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