Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Adyson's surgery - Counting down - 9 days

Yesterday I took Adyson to the doctors to check her ears and chest. She has been pulling on them and has been congested. Normally I would not have taken her in and would have seen if it turned into anything but with her surgery around the corner I am supposed to bring her in for almost anything. The doctor says her ears look clear and everything looks great. He says to keep an eye on her because the congestion could turn into something more.

She is getting her top 2 teeth in and I think that is what is causing a lot of the running nose. I also think she has a little cold. She is getting around a lot now. Crawling everywhere, pulling up and walking with a walker!

I went shopping as well to get some of the things needed for her surgery and when she comes home. She is supposed to have the button down pajamas to wear. Normally that is what I have but for some reason all I have for the age she is wearing is the 2 piece pajama sets. So needless to say I had to get some. I am not used to paying store prices, even at 1/2 off it was triple what I normally spend on pajamas. (Gotta love those consignment sales!)

Today I am trying to catch up on things like my blog, cleaning (I have my class tonight), and slowly packing things for Adyson.

I am starting to feel anxious and nervous. Not only for the surgery itself but just keeping her well till then and having everything ready in time. Grandma Kathi comes Saturday, which will help a lot with keeping the house and laundry up (Kathi is the laundry queen!). Starting Monday we have doctor apointments almost everyday till her surgery. I am going to be a wreck!

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Kelsi {John, Jake, Georgia} said...

you are ALL in our prayers. We love you...