Friday, February 20, 2009

Adyson's Surgery - Wednesday - Pre OP

Wednesday - Pre-op

We went to outpatient at the Erlanger TC Thompson hospital to fill out all the paper work and meet with some of the team of doctors. They weighed her (18 lbs), and sent us back to speak with a nurse that asked me questions about Adyson like allergies, if she has ever had anethesia, ever had reactions, etc. Then they put us up in a room and a nurse came by and checked her blood pressure, measured her head (which she kept squirming around, she measured 5 times), and her length. The anesthesiologist came by first. He asked me a bunch of questions, looked at Adyson, checked her breathing and heart. She kept grabbing at his pen and squirming all over. He let me know about the surgery and reminded me that it was no small surgery - that it was major (like I didn't already understand that - lets just make me more nervous!) He described that they would give her something by mouth to make her calm, then they would take her from us awake, gas her, and at that point put all the iv's, catheter etc in. She would be monitored the whole time.

Then a resident of the PICU game in and asked all kinds of questions about family medical history. Adyson started getting really squirmy and so I nursed while we spoke. The PICU pediatric intensive care doctor came in and checked her over looking at her ears, listening to her heart and lungs. She was squirmy still and wanted to move around. (just yesterday she was walking with her walker - she'd scream everytime it would get stopped by the wall or someone, it was funny) He watched her and let her stand holding her hands to see how she was. He let me know how she would be coming out of surgery and the processes. It was Dr. Keegan, and he was very nice.

Terry the coordinator for the craniofacial center in chattanooga came by to see how I was doing and explained some things. She has been most helpful and kind. The last thing we had to do was to get her blood samples so went down to the lab for that. The nurse was very nice but Ady just kept starring at her with uncertainty. The nurse held her arm down and Adyson got the scaredest look on her face and started crying. She took the blood and put a bandaid on her. I nursed her but she kept pulling off to make sure she watched the nurse. She just didn't trust her anymore!

We got home that night with the instructions for the surgery - last time to eat etc, and finished all the preperations. I was nervous and anxious and Ady just didn't seem to have a care in the world! Derek Wolfe and his father, David Wolfe, came over and gave Adyson a blessing, me a blessing, and Ben a blessing. How wonderful it is to have the priesthood in our lives!

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