Monday, February 23, 2009

Adyson's Surgery - Day 5

Last night was actually not too bad. I think that the Lord has prepared me some by already having to deal with waking up every 2-3 hours with Ady before all this. She was up every 2-3 hours last night and other than it being more of an ordeal to move her and nurse her it wasn't much different than home (of course except for not being in my own bed and having nurses coming in checking on Ady).

She was up by 7am and wanted to nurse. She went all night without additional doses of pain meds. She was able to open both eyes this morning and was much more active. I nursed her and changed her and then held her on my lap for a little while. She was grabbing at my food tray and trying to squirm. Same old Ady starting to come out. She is wanted to scratch herself all over. Some of that my be from the drugs making her itchy. It's good to see her becoming more active, it's just going to be tougher keeping her preoccupied.

Ben arrived after dropping the kids off at preschool around 930am. It is nice to have an extra hand. I am not supposed to leave her at all so having someone here even for just to be able to take a walk and stretch my legs in nice.


Last night we had Sissy Ray come by, a friend from church. She brought Ady a cute bear and wanted to check if we needed anything. Everyone has been so nice offering all their help. Thanks to everyone who has sent so many caring wishes, prayers, and help our way. We are grateful from the depths of our hearts. This morning Emily and Adam Archibald came by and brought a gift and some cheer. Thanks Emily! Adam is a resident for anesthesia and says he knows one of the nurses that attended Adyson's surgery. He said (if I am remember right) that the doctors said that her surgery was the best surgery they have ever done. He said that one of the residents had a "thought" that they should start her transfusion a little bit earlier than was normally done. They decided to do that and they believe that they may have helped make the surgery go along so smoothly. There were not complications at all!

We all know why that happened (a little inspiration from above?); thanks to all of your prayers, thoughts, and of course that priesthood blessing! Heavenly Father was looking out for our baby. He is always there and he does answer prayers. I have always known this, but this has even more solidified my testimony of that fact. We are loved! We are never forgotten! He takes care of all our needs, and he always listens! I am soo grateful for all the blessings and answered prayers.

The pediatric doctors looked her over today as well. She looks great. She has not had a bowel movement yet and is a little yeasty rash under the neck. They gave her some meds for the itch, some colace for the tummy (she did not like that! kept gagging), and a supository they just put in her of which I think has worked. Guess what I will be doing next! Fun Fun...

Her healing is progressing...

Dr. Hermann, Dr. Sargents resident (the plastic surgean), came in and removed Ady's drainage line. Ben held her and I held her hands and face. She did not like it. I think it scared her more than anything. Right after the doctor left, I took a picture and then notice a little blood on Ben's shirt. I thought it happened during him taking it out. The doctor had said that there will have a little blood leak out a little bit. But this was dripping fast, and it scared me. I ran out and got the nurse and she handed me some clothes to hold on it. She said it was normal. He should have been more specific on how it "leaks" out. But now it is over, now she is completly free of all intrusions into her body. The doctor said he would be by tomorrow morning and she will probably be able to go home tomorrow afternoon. Yepee! It's almost over and our little girl has past
with flying colors.

Here is a movie of Ady from earlier today...

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