Sunday, February 22, 2009

Adyson Surgery - Day 3

We woke up ready to get dressed quickly and get over to see Adyson by 8am. We called ahead of time to make sure things were calm in the PICU and that we could go in. They got our new nurse and she gets on the phone and says "Hi, I am Adyson's nurse Gretchen. I know you, I was in your Bradley class, I was excited when I saw Doolittle..." What a nice surprise! She was actually in the class I taught when I was pregnant with Adyson, and she has a son that is around the same age. We knew she would be taken care very well. She told us a time to come by and so be finished getting ready.

She calls back a little later and says that they just got the clearance to breastfeed so I if want to come on over, we could do that. I told Ben I was going and I wasn't waitin'!

The night before Ady was moved to a private room in the PICU because the family next to her, the trauma child, was having someone pray and was little loud and scared Ady, so they moved her. It was a good thing, there were LOTS of people coming in and out to the boy and say goodbye. They pronouced him brain dead this morning and now the family has to choose when to take him off the ventilator. I am praying for them...

So I got to feed Ady! It was a wonderful step in the right direction. I was a little scared holding her; afriad I would pull something out or hurt her, but it worked out and she nursed. She was refusing bottles - that's my Ady!

Afterward they told us to go get some breakfast and check out of the Ronald McDonald house and then by that time she probably will be moving to the regular wing. Another great step! So we did! I have to mention what an incredible place the Ronald McDonald house is. If anybody is looking for something to donate to, I would recommend there (you can donate your time, bring food, or money). I have vowed that one day I am going back and help out or donate somehow. What a blessing for families to have a place like that. They have a big family room with internet access, and childrens play area, a full kitchen with snacks etc for you to have anytime. They also have a kitchen on each floor for the families with a living room. You lable your own food and have a place in the cupboard and fridge. They have laundry rooms and the rooms themselves are like a hotel room. Wonderful thing they are doing.

By the time we got done Kathi had arrived with the kids and was waiting in the PICU waiting room, of which I was nervous about because of the hesterics of the other day and knowing that it was going to get worse for that family again. Ady had been asigned a room so we sent the kids and Kathi and Ben down there and I stayed with Ady until they gave the clearance. Kathi joined me after awhile and we eventually were able to walk Ady down to her new room on the childrens floor. We met our knew nurse and got her settled in.

The kids got to see her for a little bit then Kathi took them home. Caleb says "she does look different", and I think Loryn was a little bit concerned about her. Overall they did great with her and was sad to leave.

Ben stayed with me for a little while and we got food and relaxed knowing now we could stay with Ady and didn't have to leave. Ben left around 8pm and I was by myself to take care of my daughter, a little scary. Of course I had the nurse, but it was a little disconcerting. She actually did well, waking up every 2-3 hours. I would get her up and nurse her and put her back to sleep. I kept waking every now and then in between being a little worried so I was a little tired the next morning, but worth it to be able to stay with her all night.

Another day down...

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