Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Kindergarten - Here we come!!!

It has arrived. The day we, as parents, never think will happen. Our little baby starts school. Caleb has been so excited! Last week we went to registration and met his teacher and visited his classroom. She seemed very nice and Caleb really started looking forward to starting. I think he has been getting bored at home.

Today is his first full day. Well, actually his first full regular day with all of his classmates will be next Friday. Today is his first phase in day where him and 3 other children go for the whole day to get acquainted with the school and teacher and I believe they asses them to see where they are at. We also had to turn in our huge list of items like paper towel, wipes, notebooks, 4 things of glue, crayons, markers, erasers, etc, etc. I felt a little better about having to get so much when one of the moms had to hurry off because she had two other children to turn in their things. She had triplets, so you can imagine her list.

Caleb had to meet in the gym where they lined them up by class. There was a mix of older kids as well. Ben made a comment that it felt like prison. Poor Caleb, I was just telling him the night before about keeping his hands to himself because a friend told me about a 6 year old kid last year in a Chattanooga school was hauld away in hand cuffs for hitting a kid on the butt. Can you imagine how tramatizing. This no tolerence thing can get out of hand. A little scary too. Anyway, Caleb can be real sensitive and take things to heart sometime and I just told him about the kids and he was worried all morning. Maybe its best so he will remember to keep his hands to himself. He does have a tendancy to touch other kids (just in play).

I think he was just fine once the teacher came and we all walked to class and he got to hand up his backpack and sit down to play some playdoe. The teacher asked us to put the stuff we brought on the table and then said "Well, thanks, see you later". So we left. We pick him up today at 3:00pm.

Normally it would be a problem the whole dropping off and picking up but our cars decided to break down. Two weeks ago I had my car in the shop in hopes of getting it done in time for this week. It was but Monday morning Ben's car wouldn't start. Firgures! Well, we figured it all out thanks to Ben working around his schedual. Well I will let you know how Caleb's first day went. Tomorrow Loryn has her open house for her preschool. She has Mrs. Michelle as her preschool teacher and will be starting next Monday going Monday and Wednesday from 9am - 2pm. She is excited as well.
My babies are growing up!!!

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Kelsi, John, & Jake said...

way to catch up, Lis! I love reading about the adventures in your lives (not that I don't hear about them beforehand...) but its fun to see pictures too!

Hope Caleb's day went well... it sounds like it did!