Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Preschool for Loryn!

Sent one off to kindergarten yesterday and then one to preschool today. Well, actually today was just open house for Loryn to meet her new teacher and for us parents to sit in a boring lecture on rules and expectations etc etc. She had no problem going to class. Right when she walked in she spotted her best friend Emma who lives right next door to us. They both ran to each other and gave big hugs smiling and talking with each other. She got to stay there while Me, Caleb, and Elijah went to the chapel for our lecture. I missed half of it because Elijah decided that it was more fun to climb the stairs and run throughout the ailes. I had to keep taking him out on the account that he would scream if I stopped him from doing anything that he wanted to do. Don't you love the age 2!

Loryn's teacher seems nice and when we got home she kept asking me if she could go back to preschool. I told her she was going to get to go 2 times a week - huge open mouth smile erupts from her face as she fling her arms around me in the most genuine show of gratitude. My daughter has to be the most gratuitous individual alive! You should have seen her face when I added the cherry to the top, that her friend Emma and Leah would also be going and that she would be able to play with them in music and the playground - "playground!" she exclaims with excitement, as if you are describing heaven to her. I dread the day that this wonderful easily brought on show of appreciation in the things she is aloud to do, fades to a mere memory. Maybe we will get lucky and she will hold on to that attitude. We can only hope.

Caleb had a wonderful 1st day. He is only sad that he has to wait another week to go, and then mostly upset that it will not be until Friday that all his classmates are there at the same time. Caleb is very much the social bee (instead of butterfly - more appropriate for boy?). They read stories, played on the monkey bars (his favorite), made his name with beans. He saw his neighborhood friends Emily (our neighbor) and Bricen. He was disappointed that he could not ride on the bus with the argument that all the other kids got to ride the bus. I should count my blessings that he is accepting this change so well. I have friends that their new kindergartners are having a hard time. Maybe the trick is to get them real bored at home for months before school starts where they are eager to get out of the house (familiar feeling - have I felt that? - we won't go there).

Other than Ben's car being out of commission and depending on friends for rides all is going well. I will be teaching my tenth Bradley class tonight and have only 2 more to finish the series, Yeah! I already have one couple in line to start my next series and am hoping to find at least 2 more (keep me in your prayers). I have to prepare my lesson for enrichment on Once a Month Cooking for the other ward in our area. Somehow I have become known as the expert on OAMC which is not the case at all, I just seem to be the few who actually continuously do it. Anyway should go so I can prepare that and as always clean the house. Until next time - no promises when that will be!

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