Sunday, August 19, 2007

Saturday Outing

We decided on Friday it was time to go out to Acworth and Kennesaw and visit the Fam. We started out at my dad's house in Acworth and hung out a little. Him and his wife got a cute little puppy Dautson (sp?), so we got to have the honors of giving her more reason to be scared. Just kidding. Actually the kids did really well with her and she seemed to warm up a bit by the time we left. Dad took us out to lunch for pizza, thanks dad! and then later we headed out to Kennesaw to visit Chris and Aimee. Aimee just had a birthday a few weeks ago, Happy Birthday Aimee, belated. We went to visit with them and had lots of fun. We played Wii, which Caleb kicked butt in bowling, scoring 188, but had to sing Sponge Bob song, a consequence to a bet, as he lost another game to Chris. After dinner time us big kids played Risk while the midgets wrecked havoc on the rest of the house. We got out late but not before we got a call from our neighbor, Wendy, asking if we were home because a co worker called her asking if her house was OK because there looked like a house was on fire near ours. Course, I only had about 100 heart attacks as I called our other neighbor to make sure none of our houses were on fire. Lucky for us it was not on our street but the street over, a house did catch fire. By the time we got home the fire trucks were just leaving and as we passed we could see that most of the house was burnt to the ground. So, keep that family in your prayers. It is soo devastating and scary to think that could happen to you.

Tomorrow Loryn starts her first full day of preschool. I will be taking Elijah to the doctors to get his face x-rayed, only as a precaution, I think he is feeling and doing great.

More car trouble...again my check engine light has come on. We have not been able to keep a car out of the shop for almost the last month. First it was my car, the idle motor sensor, then Ben's car, the high air sensor (?) I think, and now who know with mine, may have to do with the same thing as before. Hope the car can last through the week. I have Caleb to get to school as well as Loryn. Does life ever get any easier?


Melanie said...

Doesn't it feel good to get the blog all caught up for at least a few days? I can't believe poor little Elijah! I hope he feels better soon.

Kelsi, John, & Jake said...

what else are you guys doing? What about Mon/Wed when it's just you and Elijah?