Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Remembering Elijah's Birthday

Well . . . I could use the excuse, "I already did that", as to why I have not updated my blog, or maybe I should just say "I did a Lisa", because that seems to be what I am all about anymore. Any projects or the like are rarely done on time. Will I ever figure it out and get my life together? I envy all you who do soo well keeping up with blogs, routines, and laundry! All I can promise is I will never stop trying. So here we go at an attempt to get back on track with blogging and updating all you who care. I apologize for my lack of attention to these things and hope you'll understand.

Remembering Elijah's birthday! Yes! Now 2 months later and tons of other things going on but I still wanted to honor our little guy for turning two and letting you all in on the birthday celebration even though it is belated.

For Elijah's birthday we went to my dad's house in Acworth GA and had a great time. We ate at 5 Brothers, a burger joint, and had cake and presents at the house. Elijah gots lots of fun things and the kids had fun playing. Here are some pictures. Thanks dad for having us!

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