Thursday, August 16, 2007


My heart hurts when I look at my little boy perhaps feeling too much the pain of what you would imagine he feels with his face so bruised like that. I left my Bradley classes early last night due to a call from Ben telling me of the accident that caused Elijah's little face to look so beaten up. He wasn't sure if we needed to bring him to the hospital or not. When I got home I wasn't sure either, fearing that he may have broken something in his cheek or jaw. After a little bit he started settling down and his eye didn't look as swollen. We asked our neighbor who is a nurse to come over to look at him and tell us what she thinks. She didn't think it was a must to bring him and that he would be fine over night. Ben brought him down to watch TV and he stopped crying and after a little bit began playing with us and laughing and giggling. We decided he was probably OK or at least that the doctors would not be able to do much more than we were doing. We kept him up a little while longer and gave him snacks which he ate just fine and he finally went to bed. He he doing great today. His face looks more bruised but he is playing fine and doesn't seem to notice. I am sure this is the first of many big accidents with the no fear attitude he seems to have.
Today I am getting ready for my OAMC class I am teaching tonight at church and trying to get the house in better order. I look forward to do a little more managing and delegating choirs rather than having to do them all my self. I am sure it will happen way too fast and with it we also lose some of that precious behavior that makes this age so sweet.

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Kelsi, John, & Jake said...

Oh little Lijahy, that looks AWFUL! I sure hope you're feeling ok!