Monday, March 17, 2008

All about Elijah...tents, belly slidin, nose pickin, laundry washin, puddle splashin, mom chasin,

Elijah had a busy weekend of being the kind of silly boy he is. Tents, belly slidin, nose pickin, laundry washin, puddle splashin, and mom chasin. All in a few days work! I'll explain what each of those entails. Sometimes being a parent you just have to laugh and have sense of humor. Break out the camera and take the pictures so to never forget what your missing later. Reminds me of the time Caleb had his own little adventure, when he was only about 10 months old, after a little nap time decided to have some extra fun with his diaper. Mom learned a great lesson that day as to never leave a child of 10 months in just his diaper. I had a monitor in his room and heard him wake up and and start talking to himself. I thought sense he wasn't crying I would let him play in his crib a little bit while I finished up some things. I then started to hear him giggle and what seemed to be having just too much fun. So I decided I should go check on him. I walk in and found him diaperless and poop thrown everywhere! All over his hands, the crib, the walls. I was shocked. I couldn't move for a minute, trying to process what I was seeing, and remember this is Caleb, my first so these experiences just didn't register as possible yet. After I recovered, I decided I should have a little blackmail on Caleb and video taped him before I cleaned him and the room up. What fun being a parent can be sometimes.

Although Elijah was not as messy and gross as Caleb's little fun moment, he had a few pretty interesting moments this weekend. OK, so where do we start...

Elijah found a little tent and wanted to play in it, so I put it together and let him play in it all day. By the time it was his bedtime he insisted on sleeping in it and managed to get away with for a few days. Of course all his toys had to go to sleep with him too, which really is not much different than when he sleeps in his actual bed. I am always having to unpile the toys off of him before I go to bed so that he can move. He never really attached to any security item. He has a monkey he likes to bring to bed but usually its whatever toy he wants with him, airplanes, cars, books, etc. and lots.

Belly Slidin
Ben decided to wash his car and as always Elijah is right there to help. Soon after it was done he came inside soaking wet - of course. I told him to take all of his clothes off and go and get me a diaper. I have been going through stored clothes boxes lately and found some of Caleb's old Thomas underwear and so washed and had them for Elijah. He has been dying to where them so when he returned he came back not with a diaper but with his underwear. I decided ok that's fine, you can wear your underwear. He promptly ran out to show daddy how cute he was and within a minute attempted to belly slide down the driveway, on his belly on the concrete! (remember Ben just washed the car so the driveway was all wet) Poor baby, he just didn't understand that it was not a slippin slide. He didn't cry at all just rubbed his belly. Then I understood, he thought he was wearing a swimsuit not underwear. It wasn't long before he was finding something else to do like jumping in the puddle at the end of the driveway where all the car soap was trapped.

Nose pikin'
Ben was reading to the kids the other night and I thought what a cute picture, so decided to take a few but couldn't get any good ones because Elijah would not get his finger out of his nose. His favorite past time! Yum!!

Laundry washin
Elijah decided to help daddy do some laundry this weekend. He is always our good little helper!

Puddle Splashin
We had a big storm come through on Saturday. When I couldn't find Elijah in the house I looked outside and what do you know, there he is splashin and having a good time in the puddles. At least he put his rain boots on. It was one of those moments your mad a first, then you just have to laugh and go and get the camera. Him and Loryn went out later with permision to play but was instructed not to get wet, (daddy was also instructed to not let them get wet), well that didn't really take. In no time they were soaking wet, including Loryn, I guess she couldn't resist.

Mom chasin'
Ben and our neighbor got some guys together to play paint ball in our backyard which is all trees. While they were playing I was keeping the kids inside so they wouldn't accidentally get hit by one and get hurt. Elijah again escaped and this time when I couldn't find him in the house I went looking outside calling and calling him. He thought it was funny to hide from mommy. I was calling him and looking for him for more than 10 min before finally I looked out back again and saw him coming around the corner. When he saw me he laughed and started running. I am sure half of the fun was that mom is not so fast anymore with her big belly (or should I say huge belly). We had a few laps around the house when I finally went through the house to cut him off and managed to get close enough to sprint after him to catch him. Well just say he got in trouble and I was hurting. When am I supposed to enjoy this pregnancy? I have moments but mainly feel slowed down, tired, and in pain. Maybe its the fact that I am on my fourth... and I will add last. I am trying to enjoy every minute but if I can be honest I look forward to when she gets here more than anything.

So there is our exciting weekend of Elijah adventures. He is the cutest thing even though he makes things harder sometimes but most of the time he makes me laugh. Through the tough and the fun I am always grateful that I am a mom, only occasionally do I need to stop and remember.


Anonymous said...

What a fun weekend for Elijah!! The tent sure looks like it was a lot of fun. The boy will grow up to love camping. Can you post a picture of Caleb with his new cast?

Kelsi, John, & Jake said...

he is soooo cute... and ALL boy! Can't wait to see him this summer. He and Jakey are going to have so much fun together!!!

Miss you guys. Wish we lived closer... well, actually wish YOU lived closer! :)