Tuesday, March 18, 2008

From yellow to blue...

Yesterday Caleb went for his check up for his leg. They took an x-ray, which showed that it was healing good but that he still needed a cast on. He gave us the choice to keep the cast he has on or to get a short walking cast. Ben left it up to Caleb, and he chose to get a new one. He fought the nurse a little when she had to push his foot flat but finally got his new cast. This time he chose blue which I personally think is much better. We had to order his boot for his cast foot which will arrive in a few days. Just like last time. He is doing well other than practically scratching off a few layers of skin once he got his cast off. I don't blame him but its hard to make a 6 year understand that he could create sores if he keeps scratching and that for it really to feel better he just has to stop. At least now he can bend his knee. On the negative side he still can't take a shower and no hair cut. We are afraid of little hairs getting into his cast. We may have to just do it and hope for the best, he already looks so scruffy.


Anonymous said...

Caleb- The new cast looks great!! Glad that Loryn is helping you!!! Pretty soon you'll have that cast mastered and be all over the place again. How long befor the next cast check?
Love you much,

Kelsi, John, & Jake said...

hooray for caleb! love that picture of him and loryn, she looks so much older than him in it! they sure are cuties!! love them!!