Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Saturday

Saturday we went to my dad's house in Acworth, GA to celebrate Easter as well as pick up Caleb. My brother, Chris, and his wife, Aimee, came over too, so it was a nice little family get together. We all had a great time. We went out to lunch to a BBQ place soon after we got there then came back and hid the easter eggs for the kids to go find them. They loved running around searching. I felt bad for Caleb since he would drop his bucket and fall every now and then. It is just not that easy to pick up eggs off the ground when you are walking with crutches. Poor kid. Although it really didn't seem to harm his chances. The final score was Caleb 23, Elijah 22, and Loryn 18.

Look high!

Poor Caleb...

With no time to spare, all must check out the goods.

After egg hunting we went inside to dye our eggs. I forgot the vinegar so dad had to run to the store real quick to pick some up. We managed to not be all covered in dye, I only got a little right towards the end when Elijah dropped an egg on to my shirt. And actually when I say we dyed eggs I mean me, the kids, grandma and grandpa. The other "kids" were too busy playing the play station downstairs.

Finally later on the boys pried themselves from the games and went outside to help my dad out enough to put the boat in and ski season beginwaxing the boat and getting it ready for the lake. Soon enough it will be warms, yea for those who will be skiing this year. Not me, and yes I know I will have had the baby by then but do you think all the baby fat will be off and that I will be one of those moms who most of us who are normal hate, that look good only a month after they had the baby. I already know that will not be me. I am hoping that next summer I will have lost most of the weight. That is a more realistic goal. Anyway, kids were cute helping Papa with the boat and having a good time in the boat.

Loryn did manage to fall and scrap her knee. She was sure to eat up as much attention as she could from Papa. He took care of her. He carried her into the house and cleaned her bobo off and put a bandaid on. Today, Monday, I went to change her band aid and she says "I need papa to change it". She loved the attention!

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