Friday, March 14, 2008

Grandma's Sewing machine

Friday I had a friend come over to help me learn how to use a sewing machine. My mom gave me my grandmother's old sewing machine and I had hopes it still worked. Well, it didn't. The balancing wheel that moves the needle up and down gets stuck. Learning to sew was next on my list of what to learn how to do myself. She still showed me how to thread it and talked me through the basics so that when I got it working or bought a new one I would be familiar with it. Maybe someday... The kids had fun because my friend Bianca has 3 kids close the same ages as ours and they had fun playing. Soon after Ben got home our neighbor enlisted Ben to start their weekend project of cutting down the dead trees in our backyards. Now you probably think they are doing it to make our yards look nicer but there is this new hobby they have been into lately called paintball that I think is the real motivated for cutting the downed trees and putting them into nice piles that resemble fort walls to hide behind. Whatever gets them to clean it out I guess I will not complain.

Wednesday I get a call from the school only about 30 min after Caleb left for school that he was throwing up. He acted completely fine that morning and of course was completely fine the rest of the day. Don't know what made him sick.

Thursday I get another call from the school right before I am leaving for my Midwife appointment, and I am thinking "oh no not again". Turns out he fell in class and was crying saying he hurt his ankle where the cast is on. I think he was more afraid than anything. He turned out he was ok and he definitly didn't want to leave school because he had his easter party and egg hunt that day.

My appointment went well. Debi Church, our midwife, said that the baby looked great, she was getting big and things look healthy. I have an appointment in 3 weeks at her place again, and then 2 weeks after that she comes to our house to check things out and become familiar. I already feel huge and uncomfortable. Its hard to walk around (my back pain doesn't help much). Of course only want the baby to come when she is ready which she has to atleast wait 5 more weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Where did you get the idea Ben would work just to make the yard look nicer?:) Always an alterior motive!!!
Lovin you,