Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today was a little different than my normal Wednesdays. First of all, this morning Elijah decided he was going to go with Caleb to school. He was ready to go with his backpack and pajamas. Then when we went to drop the girls off at school, he cried when he couldn't stay. Jessica the lady who runs the preschool is always outside helping unload kids and bring them to their class. She asked if he would like to stay for the day. How could I pass that up. I had a house that looked like a tornado hit it and mountain of laundry to fold, put away, as well as wash (2 different mountains)! So I decided sure, why not. We brought him to the 2 year old class and he just walked in took his backpack and jacket off and was off to playing. He did not even look back.

So home I go after a quick trip to the grocery store, never spending under 80 it seems, even if I'm just going in for milk. Went home and started on the house. I cleaned both kids rooms, both bathroom, the kitchen, the playroom, the downstairs living room and upstairs living room, and switched laundry twice. All before I had to pick up the kids again. I was amazed! I always thought there was something wrong with me why I could never keep the house clean. Maybe its just having too many kids stopping you every five minutes for any imaginable thing. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Too bad I can't get used to it. Even when Elijah and Loryn are in preschool next year I will still have the new baby girl home with me. But someday, and I wonder as I listen to that country song, will I miss this? The song seems to think so, I have my doubts.

Today I am watching Mellissa, Eileen's little girl. She dropped her off a little before I had to leave to pick up kids. I have Mellissa and Emma today along with my kids. Luckily it is a pretty day out so that I can send them outside to play. I have my class tonight so I am trying to get it clean and keep it clean. Not always that easy, especially with 5 kids running around.

I should have a special section just for Elijah called "What Elijah brought with him to bed tonight...". It is pretty funny because it is not just the normal stuffed animal and occasional toy. Last night it was his chair, and his legs were sandwiched right under it. I always check him before I go to bed just to take all the things he brought with him to bed off.

By the way, A BIG THANK YOU TO KATHI (Ben's mom) for getting us a car seat and bouncer along with others needs. We really appreciate all you guys do for us, from just a phone call of interest in our lives and well beings to temporal needs.

Another BIG THANK YOU TO KAREN (my mom), for helping Loryn and Elijah have the opportunity to go to preschool! You all are too good to us. Our biggest wish though is always to have you near. We love you all!

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Anonymous said...

First of all your welcome. Secondly, the comment box is no longer on the blog page. I had to go to the Easter post and click on the 0 comments to add this. that's why it isn't with the post about Elijah and preschool. Love you all lots.