Saturday, March 22, 2008

Run around Friday

Friday was a day of haircuts, grocery store, and other errands. We also met my dad to pass Caleb on to him for a sleepover. He got to go to my dads who lives about an hour away for lots of video game playing and who knows what else. Chris and Aimee met over there too and got to visit with him. Elijah was very upset he couldn't go too and cried until I gave him some candy I had been saving just for that moment. I guess after having several kids you do sometimes pick up on things and can learn some preemptive strategies to make it just a little bit easier on mom. Of course the sticky mess was not easier but it stop the screaming. We headed over to Babies R Us and got us a car seat for the baby and a very pink bouncer. I have never done that before, buying an all pink or all blue item because of the possibility of another child. Finally I can say we are done and so this time I got an all pink. Anyway, rearing up for our new little one. Seems so far away still but I know it will be here before we know it.

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